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Flirting With Your Coworker

Flirting With Your Coworker

Since most people spend a vast majority of their time working in their offices, some sort of flirting with coworkers becomes almost inevitable. The best way to be attractive to your coworkers is by being good at your work. Your achievements and success will draw other people towards you. Everybody at work want to associate with people who are good at what they do. Use this to your advantage to impress and attract someone you like. Also keep a playful reputation and always be open to interact with others.

Look for a reason to pass them by and make a short comment. Make sure to give them a smile every time you make an eye contact. There is a lot you can transmit by just the way you look at them and how you roll your eyes. Of course, don’t miss any opportunity to compliment them for their good work and also for their looks whenever appropriate. Just like we used to pass notes in our classrooms, you can easily email and text your coworkers to start a polite conversation. Keep things platonic but make use of emoticons to make things just a tad bit personal. Just a small smiley face emoticon or a short line can send a sure flirting signal. Asking for helping or offering help are both excellent ways of sending an interest in the other person, especially asking or offering when there is actually no need for it.

Lunch breaks are made in heaven for people who want to flirt with their coworkers. This is the perfect time to get friendly and get to know someone more than just work. Get a cup of coffee or share a meal to get things started. Your desire to spend time with someone is enough to let the other person know that you at least like them more than what you share at work. Also try to prolong your conversations and increase your interactions, but do some without sounding too desperate. Office functions and group meetings are some of the other places when you can express your interest in someone. You can even give a greeting card or a small gift that can surely cement your interest in them.

You must be aware of the fact that everyone else around you is monitoring your behavior and people are especially mindful when they see any flirtatious activities between other coworkers. So you can almost be certain that others know about your flirting interests. Overdoing and crossing the line may even get you in trouble with human resources. Always stay within the code of conduct specified in your company’s policy. Remember, a small mistake may mean losing your job and it can even put a dent on your career. It’s easier to find another person to flirt with, but finding another job may be an uphill task.
Date Posted/Updated On: 11/21/2017
Author: ispace1

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