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Honeymoon Before Marriage

Honeymoon Before Marriage Is A Growing Trend That Couples Engage In So That They Can Relax And Get To Know Each Other Before Getting Married

Honeymoon Before Marriage

Honeymoon Before Marriage Is A Growing Trend That Couples Engage In So That They Can Relax And Get To Know Each Other Before Getting Married

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Honeymoon before marriage has become a very common concept these days, most people get intimate way before they even decide to get married because there is a strong romantic attraction between them. In old ages, the term honeymoon was believed to be a more sentimental and pious connection between a man and a woman. The intimate relationship was reserved until the couple get officially married. These days nobody wants to wait till they get married and they get into a sexual connection at a much earlier stage of their relationship.

Honeymoon before marriage is an easy way for two lovers to get intimate. Honeymoon before marriage is a phenomenon that is gaining more traction in modern relationships. Everybody wants to try things out before getting married to see if the two people are sexually compatible. All this has many consequences that are already known and mutually accepted by both partners.

Honeymoon before marriage usually occurs in almost all relationships. Couples usually get into live in relationships to try things out. It is nearly impossible to abstain from sex once two people are living under the same roof. There are many other reasons why couples get into physically intimate relationships prior to getting married.

Honeymoon before marriage makes it very easy to have unwanted pregnancies due to the nature of the relationship. A lot of people are even completely fine with having kids without a marriage certificate. People are becoming more and more progressive in their thoughts and out look. The definition of couple and family has undergone a radical change. It is now socially acceptable for two people of the opposite gender to even start a family life without getting married. All these things are much more common in the western cultures and the same thing is slowly moving into other more conservative cultures as well.

Honeymoon before marriage has always been in existence but now it is getting increasingly more common. A vast majority of people get into sexual relationship without even making or asking for any kind of commitments. It is slowly affecting our society as a whole. This concept is not going anywhere. It is in fact going to become even more common in the future.

Honeymoon before marriage has made the concept of marriage outdated. People find it more convenient to get into full fledge relationships without any real badge of marriage. It also makes it extremely easy to quit things in matter of seconds because there are not legal consequences. Courts have now started considering live in relationships as domestic partnerships. They treat it almost like a civil union for all legal matters. Still there are many loopholes in the system. It is very easy to get away with any kind of responsibilities since there is no real marriage. All this makes it fairly convenient.

Two people do not have to live under the same roof in order to engage in sexual activities. Making it completely convenient to enjoy all the pleasures of marriage without going through the hassle of getting married.

The most interesting thing to note is that all this has been happening since ages and this is nothing new. The only thing that has changed is that people are now doing these things out in the open.
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June 29 ,2019

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