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Attraction And Crushes

Meaning And Definition Of Attraction And Crushes

Read This: Attraction And Crushes - Meaning And Definition Of Attraction And Crushes

Attraction is the most mesmerizing and hypnotic feeling, which is like a pull, or getting drawn towards someone, and is the first feeling that comes to a person’s mind prior to developing something more serious in nature, such as falling in love, and is often seen as one of the most important element in forming a long lasting and sustainable romantic relationship.

Attraction can be the shortest feeling a person can have which may or may not result into something more.

Attraction is the first signal of love and without attraction, no love can happen.

Attraction is very important for any relation to develop and get deeper as it spices up a relation and makes it stronger.

Attraction can be because of certain good features in a person or the person as the whole.

Attraction is always wanted or desirable feeling by everyone and that’s why people dress up to get attracted by others.

Attraction also associated with the word attractive.

Attraction is said to be liking for the other person.

Attraction is a person that grabs the attention of another being.

Attraction may be easy to avoid, but sometimes impossible to ignore.

Attraction is a high voltage magnetic force that pulls two people together in spite of their own will and its hard to separate them from one another.

Attraction is a balanced combination of physical and emotional attraction between two people in a romantic way.

Attraction is sometimes it can also be a form of non-romantic simple friendship kind of bond that forms between two people where they do not really have romantic feelings for each other but still likes to be in each other’s company.

Attraction is a powerful magnetic force, charm, fascination, enticement, or allurement.

Attraction is draws, pulls, allures, or entices two people with a mutual attraction towards each other.

Attraction is an outstanding trait for anyone to be attractive or have a charming personality.

Attraction that is mutual usually lead to an actual relationship, but only time will tell if it was just a short infatuation or real love.

Crush is an informal term for a very strong, wonderful, and amazing, brief but very intense feelings or desire of love, romance, adoration, admiration, or infatuation for someone that may or may not be expressed, and who may or may not be reachable or accessible, though it could also be a precursor to true love, and is usually experienced or felt by young people during their childhood and adolescence.

Crush for someone is to be secretly infatuated or enchanted with someone more worldly than oneself like a celebrity or a rock star for instance.

Crush is the act of falling hard for someone even though it isn't love yet it may be a predecessor to love.

Crush might make one so excited as well as nervous that they get butterflies in their stomach and make one blush and their heart starts beating faster.

Crush is a way one’s hormones express themselves as an alternative to infatuation, not real love, feelings that have no logical reasoning, it may also cause people to do silly obsessive things.

Crush is mostly used in a deprecating manner, describing emotions which are more shallow and transient in nature compared to romantic love.

Crush usually is superficial and based on limited knowledge of the other person.

Crush is a cold, empty romance that may never be fulfilled and it's hard to stop thinking about them.

Crush is usually one sided and is also known as puppy love, calf love, or kitten love.
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June 29 ,2019

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