How To Approach A Girl Or Guy

10 Ways Of How To Approach A Girl Or Guy And Your Crush By Attracting Them Or Perhaps Winning Their Love And Affection

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It is natural for all of us to have a crush at some point. The tricky this is how to initiate a conversation with your crush without being turned down. You will have two options. You can either try to come up with a plan to talk to your crush and probably get accepted. Or you can just choose to do nothing in which case you have no chances of getting anywhere. It is always a good idea to take a chance by trying to strike a conversation with your crush. Make sure you have a great plan so that you improve your chances of success.

Following is the full list of ten top most effective ways of how to approach a girl or guy and your crush by attracting them or perhaps winning their love and affection:

# Get Prepared:
It would be worth preparing how you would initiate a conversation with your date instead of doing so on the spot without any plan whatsoever. You prepare yourself before you take any test or exam. In the same way you need to be prepared ahead of time before you try to win your crush’s heart. Make a plan that you think will work and stick to it but feel free to tweak it as per the demand of the situation.

# Over Prepared:
You need to be prepared before striking up a conversation with your crush but don’t be too prepared because that may appear to be more artificial. Being over-prepared may make you look like a serial dater or professional dater. You may even sound like you are too desperate or eager to talk to them. So try to sound normal and natural or you may sound a little creepy and that may ruin everything for you.

# Relax Yourself:
Take some time to feel relaxed before you plan to talk to your crush. Engage in some breathing or relaxation exercises to look calm and composed. This is almost the same thing you do before taking an important test or any critical life event. The last thing you want to do is appear nervous in front of the person you are trying to impress as that will leave a feeble impression on you.

# Dress Rehearsal:
Make a steady plan of what exactly you would say and then practice that in front of a mirror or with a close friend that you can trust. What you say to your crush for the very first time is very important because that will be your first impression. How you say what you say is even more critical. Rehearsing will make sure that you won’t rattle in front of your potential lover and put off everything that you have worked so hard for.

# Do Homework:
Try to find out a few things about your crush so that you can position yourself accordingly. Make sure to incorporate what they do in their real life into your opening lines. Most people get impressed when a stranger comments something about the things they do. Make a comment only on something that can be easily observed or else they may think you are spying on them.

# Be Confident:
You can win half the battle if you can manage to appear confident to your crush for the first time. Confidence is a lovely quality. So make sure to look confident when you come in front of them. Most people can be impressed just by being confident in themselves.

# Outcome Independent:
You will be able to perform at your very best only if you don’t worry about the outcome. Worrying about how things may turn out will increase your level of anxiety and nervousness. Try to have some fun and enjoy the moment. Keep a positive attitude and behave as if you don’t care a damn about what happens next.

# Make Contact:
Approach your crush with full confidence with an icebreaker. Make sure you catch them when they are alone and when they are not busy doing something. Don’t use a pick-up line unless it is your original in your very own words and suits the occasion. A brief introduction or a greeting would work out just fine.

# Give Hints:
Make direct eye contact and smile while you talk to your crush in a somewhat flirtatious manner. Feel free to ask them when you can meet again or perhaps exchange phone numbers for keeping in touch. You may even want to invite them for a drink if everything is going as per your plan. All these things are enough to express a romantic interest in the other person.

# Handling Rejection:
There is nothing to worry about if things work out in your favor. But don’t feel disheartened in case you don’t get the kind of response you were expecting. Understand the fact that not everyone is going to have the same feelings for you as you have for them and that is a perfectly normal thing. Take rejection with a big heart and move on to someone else instead of getting emotionally stuck to the same person for a long time.
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November 11 ,2022
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