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Chemistry And Connection

Meaning And Definition Of Chemistry And Connection

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Chemistry, in the context of romantic relationships, is a complex chemical emotional process that involves brain chemicals, as it stimulates strong feeling of love or sexual attraction, and is an unconscious unspoken impulsive organic decision, informed by a complex blend of criterion that are intangible, unspoken, and energetic, consisting of similarity, harmony, attraction, trust, communication, and where everything flows almost effortlessly and naturally.

Chemistry is the combination of different types of feelings such as love, lust, infatuation, and a strong desire to be involved intimately with someone.

Chemistry can also be described in the terms of mutual feelings, some sort of connection, a bond, a common feeling shared between two people.

Chemistry with someone gives that feeling that they click which is rather impulsive, making the two people see each other and spend more time together.

Chemistry is that romantic spark between two people which brings them together and it goes far beyond sexual connection.

Chemistry and connection between two people is the single most important thing for a successful and enduring relationship.

Chemistry between two people must be balanced just like a chemical equation, where the feelings are mutual and just like in scientific chemistry, both people are naturally drawn together and stick together effortlessly and it’s almost impossible to keep apart.

Chemistry is a feeling of mutual attraction that creates the desire to spend extended time or even share your entire life with someone on the physical, emotional and psychological levels.

Chemistry is a subconscious or even a totally unconscious situation which may be influenced by a number of factors such as similarity, being non-judgmental, mutual trust, attraction, and effortless communication.

Chemistry is believed to originate from pheromones which are invisible chemicals that can be shared between two people and basically make them feel that are in sync with each other.

Chemistry between two people often make them feel their heart racing, their body temperature going up to a level where they may even sweat due to nervousness or anxiety.

Chemistry stimulates love or sexual desires arising from brain chemicals and it is well-documented and proven concept felt by many people.

Chemistry between two people means that they have a lot in common and they get along with each other so well that it almost looks like a perfect couple.

Chemistry is a feeling of comfort where both people feel like they have known each other for a long time even if they have not.

Chemistry is almost like both people can read each other’s mind without saying anything and can feel each other even without touching.

Chemistry in love is very important because when two people are in love their brains produce chemicals that are responsible for their attraction for each other.

Chemistry is one of the key components for a long lasting relationship and without it everything will eventually come to an end.

Chemistry is the single most important thing that can keep a relationship alive forever, despite any obstacles or hurdles.

Chemistry theory implies that relationship success is a function of the unique combination or commonalities between two individuals’ qualities.

Chemistry is a feeling of sympathetic understanding and the capability of existing or living together in a harmonious relationship.

Chemistry is a real but rare phenomenon where two people almost feel that they are in tune with each other.

Chemistry is an illogical attraction between two people without any actual basis or reasons.

Chemistry makes two people feel comfortable in each other’s company.

Connection, in terms of romantic relationships, happens when two people feel connected or linked with each other, emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually, allowing to read each other’s mind and understand each other without uttering a single word, resulting in a telepathic and intuitive connection, leading to a feeling of bonding as well as attachment, by being in sync and unison with each other.

Connection is mostly mental connection as it is like thinking on a same intellectual level.

Connection is when two people agree on different things or they think on the same wavelength.

Connection creates better understanding and coordination in a relationship.

Connection is a sync between two people.

Connection is very important for love to nurture and become strong because without that there can be no bonding.

Connection is one of the major criteria required for a relationship to prosper.

Connection happens when two hearts meet each other and beat for each other.

Connection is when two people are connected to each other through heart and not through any other means.

Chemistry and connection are both very important for a relation to prosper and grow stronger.
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June 29 ,2019

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