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Every month, the most popular and highest contributing member will receive a $100 X gift card.

We have a complex formula to determine the highest contributor, but we primarily look at the amount of information entered in the profile, the number of original posts made, comments left for other posts, number of views, likes, shares, followers, connections to the profile and posts.

Terms & Conditions:
▪ Your profile must not be hidden at any given time and must always be live.
▪ Your profile should have all required fields entered with your real name and factual information.
▪ Your profile should always have your real picture.
▪ Your profile and posts should adhere to our general rules and guidelines.
▪ Every month we will contact the winner via email to claim the prize.
▪ We will pick the next most popular and highest contributing member in line if the winner doesn’t claim the prize within 24-48 hours.

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