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Dating A Man Versus A Boy

Main Differences Between Dating A Man And A Boy

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There is a profound difference between dating a man and a boy. Women who are independent and secured in life are generally attracted to men because they looking for maturity and stability. Girls who lack independence and are unsecured are attracted to boys because they are looking for someone fun and playful. Though, that may not always be true. Some women are attracted to boys because they think they are too grown up and need some fun in life. Some girls are attracted to men because they think their life is messed up and they need a grown up responsible person in their life. Keep in mind that there is no reference to actual age of the person. More important is the level of maturity and the phase of life. Some people never grow up even when they are in middle age. Whereas, many people become highly grown up even in their teens. It all depends on family values and the atmosphere in which one grows up.

Following are some of the main differences between dating a man and dating a boy.

A man is confident and knows exactly what he wants and knows how to find it, whereas, a boy is submissive and kind of clueless of what he wants though he may have a rough idea.

A man is well settled in life and plans for his future family life by constructing a groundwork; whereas, a boy has no planning what so ever and is more like a carefree happy go lucky kind of a person.

A man seeks just one woman who has the intellect and is team player when it comes to relationships; whereas, a boy just looks for girls who are hot and wild.

A man takes an active interest and initiative in knowing a woman; whereas, a boy usually has no substantive interest in knowing the other person except talking about the latest film releases.

A man is honest with his intentions and deals with every situation head on; whereas, a boy is oblivious and often runs away from any sort of serious talks.

A man is ready for a commitment when he finds the right person; whereas, a boy always run away from commitments because he is still not ready for it based on the phase of life he is in.

A man takes his career seriously and is self-dependent; whereas, a boy is more socializing and going out with his buddies to have fun in clubs and bars.

A man is consistent and matured in his thought process and how he deals with situations; whereas, a boy is often inconsistent and never takes anything seriously.

A man is always honest with what he says and knows the value of promises; whereas, a boy has no integrity and believes in the phrase that promises are meant to be broken.

A man is confident and can handle rejection with dignity; whereas, a boy cannot handle rejection and usually becomes revengeful if he doesn’t get fully accepted.

A man looks for a woman who is grounded and is also caring as well as supportive; whereas, a boy dates who he likes to date and rarely looks for such qualities in his date.

A man always treats a woman with utmost respect and admiration; whereas, a boy often forget to be respectful and can be even rude at times.

A man is highly organized and systematic in his approach; whereas, a boy can be messy and random in whatever he does.

A man takes his time and invests in knowing the other person; whereas, a boy is mostly interested in passing time and having fun without any intentions of seriousness.

A man responds instead of reactive to adverse situations; whereas, a boy reacts instead of responding whenever he is faced with a situation that is not pleasant or favorable to him.

A man always keeps a calm mind and doesn’t allow his anger to get the better of him even when in a challenging situation; whereas, a boy may throw tantrums and transmits his anger in all the wrong ways.

A man is a matured level-headed individual; whereas, a boy can be a spoilt brat who thinks he is superior to everyone else and should get what he wants and when he wants.

A man never uses his good looks or his self-worth as a tool to attract the other person; whereas, a boy would not shy away from using his hot looks or other materialistic things to get what he wants.

A man is independent and would never bank on the other person for monetary support; whereas, a boy may look for financial support because he himself is unsettled in life.

A man demands respect and empathy; whereas, a boy only wants attention and adoration by everyone.

A man gives preference to integrity and values over materialistic possessions; whereas, a boy has his focus on nice cars and other luxuries.

A man looks for an attractive lady but wouldn’t give higher importance to her slim figure or other physical attributes; whereas, a boy only cares for hot bodies and perfect figures.

A man is supportive and stand by his woman in every situation; whereas, a boy expects to be taken care of by the other person and offers no support in return.

A man is more interested in the future with a woman; whereas, a boy is more interested in the present and living in the moment.

A man is not a player and doesn’t toy with other people’s feelings; whereas, a boy loves to play around with people to have fun and satisfy his ego even at the expense of others.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/27/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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