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Dating Blunders

Dating Blunders And Disasters To Avoid

Dating disasters and blunders are major screw-ups when it comes to the dating scene. Dating disasters may lead to embarrassments and even losing any chance of dating that person ever again. Everybody wants their date to go smoothly but when unexpected events happen which cause shame and embarrassment, it's called dating disaster. Dating disasters should be totally avoided at any cost. Hence, lots of planning is required before dating so that things go well. Just a small mistake or wrongdoing can create a havoc.

Main reason for dating disasters is lack of confidence and self-esteem because we end up doing the silliest things when we are nervous. Some examples of dating disasters is reaching late on date, speaking loudly, criticizing, being over protective, financial constraints, not wearing the right clothes, smelling bad, wearing wrong perfume, compliments which do not suit the date, wrong venue, wrong timings, lying to the date, etc. Being prepared, being confident, and complementing the partner in the right way can avoid dating disasters so it is advisable to plan your date, set agenda, be confident and speak positively. After it is a date and not a job interview, so just have fun and take things lightly.
Date Posted/Updated On: 04/23/2019
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