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Dating For Professional Networking

Dating To Potentially Get Love As Well As Increasing Professional Circle

Let’s face the reality. Different people date for different reasons. Some of those reasons may totally be freaking. Some are actually understandable and that’s why they are trending.

Many people these days date for dual reasons. They obviously date to meet someone special, but in that process they are passively but also proactively dating for professional networking. So the main reason could be dating but there is always an underlying intention to increase their business circle. With the emergence of technology, all this has become easier than ever before.

The most common people who date for professional networking are budding entrepreneurs who may be looking for funding or even a mentor who can give a lift to their start-up. We all know how difficult it is for new business people to make things happen. Getting seeding capital from an angel investor while dating would be a dream come true for these people. It is difficult to make the right contacts in this competitive market and one tries every avenue in order to realize their professional dreams. When one is in business, they are usually working round the clock and it’s often difficult to know when they are working and when they are not. It is not uncommon to find two founders of a tech company who were both networking while dating and somehow got lucky by finding someone special and a business partner as well. That’s a win-win situation for both.

Though entrepreneurs would top the list of people who may want to date for making contacts, they are not the only ones. Another group of people who may use dating to realize their professional goals are the one who are in the job market looking for a promising job. Getting a job in the current economy can be a daunting task. Dating a potential hiring manager or a recruiter may just do the trick. These people even date for getting a referral.

The extent to which one would go in dating in order to get what they want professionally has an ethical side to it. There is nothing wrong in dating for making professional contacts as long as one is upfront and honest. People have known to cross all limits to get what they want. This is particularly true in the entertainment industry where the competition is cut-throat. One is willing to do anything to get a break.

These people usually don’t take dating too seriously until someone of particular interest come their way. They date left, right, and center. They go on coffee dates, dinner dates, and everything in between. Sometimes they have several dates planned in the same day. They use dating to meet many potential people. It’s hard to know if these are actually dates or some sort of business meetings.

The bottom line is that we all use dating to get love and romance in our lives. Some of us use dating for professional networking. They combine dating with professional networking. This often happens naturally. When one is very passionate about something, they use any means to achieve what they want. This is not to say that they should abuse the dating system.

That said, things can work out all well if you use it responsibly. Yes, dating with professional networking is here to stay and it’s not going away anywhere anytime soon. You never know what leads to what and things happen when we least expect them. So, you may very well hit the love of your life as well as make a big lead in your professional life, both while you are dating and least expecting for a breakthrough.
Date Posted/Updated On: 01/18/2019
Author: ispace1

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