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Dating Obsession

Dating Obsession And Mania Is A Disorder Or A Syndrome

Obsession can be for anything, even for dating. Some people get very obsessed with dating that they often forget the true purpose of dating. All they want is to date as much as possible. For them, dating becomes more of an hobby and pass time.

They can’t live without dating. They also get obsessed with the people they date. Obsession is a strong desire or attachment for the person which is said to be insane. Obsession gives an intense feeling to commit without knowing the person you are obsessed with.

Dating is meant to be a healthy activity. It should have good intentions to know each other rather than controlling the other person. The inability to control a person increases the obsession. Dating obsession could also be calling the person again and again even though they have just spoken to each other once.

Dating obsession could also include picking up flaws about your date and asking the date to change as per your needs. It has become a trend these days. This needs to be curbed with thoughtful and healthy thinking. It is best to stay away from people who are obsessed with dating or obsessed with their dates as both can lead in a very unhealthy territory.
Date Posted/Updated On: 01/18/2019
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one space for everyone
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