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Dating Safety

Dating Safety And Security

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Dating is meant to be fun and exciting. But it should also be safe and secured. It is very important to take abundance of precautions. Dating safety is a way of taking precautions before and during the date so that dating goes as planned. Dating safety is a must before dating. Dating safety also reduces a lot of unavoidable damages. Dating safety solves the purpose of dating and is very effective is keeping the date smooth and hassle free. It is better to be safe than sorry. There are several things that can be undertaken to make your dating life more safe.

Get to know the other person: The very first step is to get to know the other person before deciding to meet them in person, do an internet search, use a paid service to get a full background check, and make sure to talk enough to a point where you feel comfortable meeting that person physically.

Inform your family and friends: Keep your family and friends in the loop and tell them where you going, when you will be back, and who you are going out with, and keep them updated if your plans change.

Use a stable mode of communication: Make sure to keep your cell phone fully charged and stay where there is network, never let your cell phone battery drain out, or switch it off, or go outside the coverage area.

Use a stable mode of transportation: Either take your own car, or take a cab or public transportation if you plan on drinking, it’s not a good idea to get a ride from your date or disclose your home address.

Meet in public: It is best to meet your date in a populated public place so that you are always in the public eye should anything were to go wrong, never meet up in a private or remote location unless you know your date very well.

Stay in a public place: Even when your date has ended, it is best not to head to your date's home or invite them back to yours on the first date.

Keep track of your food and drinks: It is advisable to keep an eye on your food and drinks so that there are no chances of any drug to be mixed, some drugs can make you totally disoriented or unconscious.

Stay sober: Stray away from excessive drinking and avoid doing anything that may impair your judgment or put you in a vulnerable situation.

Keep Cash: Make sure to keep some extra cash with you in case there is an emergency or if you need to storm out of a rough date.

Don't disclose your personal info: Do not give our any personal information such as your home address, work address, credit card numbers, driver’s license, or social security number under any circumstances.

Keep a backup network: Try to a close friend nearby to your dating venue so that you can reach out for help if things were to become out of control, your friend should be able to get to you fast.

Keep pepper spray: It would be a good idea to keep a pepper spray with you just in case your date becomes violent and you get attacked.

Out of town meetings: If you are traveling out of town for a date, book your own hotel, take a cab or rent a car, never stay in your date’s place or take a ride from your date, keep your location confidential until you develop a trust, keep your family or friend updated about your plans.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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