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Dating Trends

Dating Trends And Tendencies Over Last Few Years Has Been Very Surprising But Not So Much Shocking Because This Was Shift Was Expected

Dating Trends

Dating Trends And Tendencies Over Last Few Years Has Been Very Surprising But Not So Much Shocking Because This Was Shift Was Expected

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Ever since technology took the center stage with the invention of internet and smart phones, the rules of dating have changed significantly. In fact dating has gone through a complete transformation in the post internet era. If you are coming out of a relationship that started before the internet, all this would be totally new to you. The whole concept of blind date has come to an end.

These days, people usually know everything about each other, or at least the basic info. They have already seen how they look by swapping pictures or even doing video chats. So there is very little blindness in the dating world. The long phone conversations with your date have been somewhat replaced by text messaging and exchanging emails.

The number of options we have today in dating is infinite. This can be both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because we have a large pool to choose from. It’s bad because the infinite number of choices motivate us for looking someone better and make us less likely to settle for anyone less than who we think would be our ideal mate.

Another change that has taken place is that distance is no more an object, at least not as big as it used to be. With technology, two people can meet up even if they live in two corners of the world. Now the virtual reality is the next big thing with which there will be even more changes in dating. Dating is no more a guy’s exclusive space. Women are taking equal or sometimes even part in dating. Men used to date multiple women in the old days. Now it’s not uncommon to see women dating multiple guys.

All these things are slowing killing the monogamous relationship model. Most millennials indulge in dating multiple people at the same time or having short lived relationships. There is no more a dearth of prospects, for both men and women. Both men and women are taking equal parts in dating. Dating offers equal opportunities for both genders.

Before meeting each other in person, people want to know each other virtually or over the net so that they become comfortable with each other and get to know each other before meeting in person. There is swapping of gender roles as women these days tend to take the initiative to ask for a date. Today's era has given equal power to women to take charge of dating. In fact men are more on being hunted side than women.

These things have diluted the true meaning of relationship. The bad part is that things are only going to get worse as the technology advances. People are being more open and proactive when it comes to dating. Social media has opened a whole new door for people to find other prospects. It has rather infected the dating game with a virus that seeps into our daily lives. All these things are making us more secluded even though it seem to be otherwise. People prefer communicating with the help of their gadgets more than meeting in person.

The official age of dating has also been going down every year. It is very common to find even teenagers in their early teens indulging in dating which was never seen before, not at least in such large numbers. Over time, dating has emerged into something totally different from it used to be. Dating is no longer a vehicle to court someone in order to form a monogamous long term relationship. Instead, dating is now mostly used to hook up for short term fun and excitement as people hop one person to another faster than a blink of an eye. As mentioned earlier, things will only get worse as people become more open to dating and hooking up. The good news is that dating will never, it will just keep going through an evolution and transformation towards more openness.
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June 29 ,2019

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