Tips For Sending Online Dating Messages

10 Tips For Sending Online Dating Messages So That You Can Maximize The Chances Of Getting A Prompt Reply From The Other Side

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for sending online dating messages so that you can maximize the chances of getting a prompt reply from the other side:

# Word Count:
Try not to engage in small talks in your dating messages with just a few words as that would come across as way too casual. Also, try to avoid extremely lengthy messages where you may lose the central part of what you are trying to convey. It is best to go somewhere between too short and too long. Be direct by making your point in a few sentences so that it is easy for the other person to read as well as respond to what you wrote.

# Short Paragraphs:
Make sure to keep your paragraphs to at most two sentences in your dating messages each so that they are easy to read. In total try not to exceed more than five paragraphs in total or else it may look too lengthy. Short paragraphs are inherently easy to read and understand by everyone. Your intentions should be to keep the reader's attention without making them get confused by long sections.

# Ask Questions:
The best to get a response back to your dating message is by closing your message with a question. Most people send lovely messages but leave nothing for the other person to respond to. Asking a question at the end of your message works as a call to action. It gives the reader something specific to respond to, and that can increase your chances of getting a response by many folds.

# One Question:
It is good to ask a question in your dating message but ask only one question for each message that you send. Doing so may make the other person feel like this is a job interview. So the idea should be to ask questions without taking a toll on the reader. It takes time to reply to questions, and you should go easy on the other person by saving your other questions for the follow-up messages.

# Have Fun:
The idea should be to have fun while sending dating messages instead of making it look like a term paper. Most people are looking to have some fun while corresponding with other people in a light-hearted way. Try to establish a connection that is filled with fun and not any serious issues. Always keep the conversation fun without indulging in any serious kind of discussion because you will have time for that later when you get to know each other better.

# Be Playful:
Good humor and playfulness can go a long way when you send dating messages as it can really create a pleasant atmosphere. Say something that will make the other person smile or blush when they read your message. Half of the battle would be won if you can make the other person feel happy reading your messages. It would also be a great idea to be a little flirtatious without getting too sexual too soon as that they ruin everything.

# Avoid Desperation:
Avoid sounding even slightly desperate when you send out a dating message because it can make you appear lonely. Desperation is also another sign of a lack of confidence, which can be a very unattractive quality. Sound confident even if you are not so that you can come across as someone who is positive and knows what they want. Avoid using words and phrases that may unintentionally make you look desperate.

# Avoid Compliments:
Avoid showering the other person with too many compliments too soon while sending a dating message as it can be off-putting. Throwing a couple of compliments when needed is fine, but anything more than that would be too much. Doing so may make you look like you are buttering them up to win them. Avoid giving praises that are mainly based on looks or a body-part.

# Be Aggressive:
Try to be a little aggressive when you send a dating message as this is not the time to be lazy. There are probably at least a few other people competing for the same person, and you need to grab their attention before anyone else does. You need to incrementally hold the person's attention in each message so that you can make a lasting impression on the other person's mind. Take things easy and get a little bit more aggressive in each subsequent message.

# Be Bold:
Make sure to be a little bold when you send a dating message and don't feel nervous. It is perfectly fine to ask for a phone number after a couple of messages and even hint at meeting up in person. The idea should be to take things forward by taking things from online to offline. So don't worry about the outcome too much and just see what happens when you offer to take things to the next level.
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November 11 ,2022
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