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Flirting And Conversing

Flirting And The Role Of Conversing For Most Effective Results

Prolonging an unnecessary conversation is a sure sign of flirting. Listening and asking cross questions also sends a flirting signal. Focus all of your attention and show a genuine concern about what they are saying. Make frequent nods and then tilt your head to show that you're listening carefully to what the other person is saying.

Going out of your way to listen to someone’s extended story means there is some sort of mutual attraction. Make full use of this opportunity by not only lending your ears but by also giving your feedback. This will show a genuine interest in the other person. People who has something to say or share are usually looking for someone to listen to what they have to say. The discussion can be from a range of topic starting from their previous love life to current challenges at work. At the end, you can politely offer your additional help over a cup of coffee or a drink. This will secure you another intimate meeting. If you are actually interested in the other person, this is your best chance to make an impression and win their heart.
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