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Flirting And Humor

Flirting And The Role Of Humor For Most Effective Results

Using humor while flirting can be an extremely effective tool. In fact, flirting is supposed to be fun and humor is a big part of having fun. So in that sense, humor becomes an integral part of flirting. Witch a lack of humor, flirting may appear more like a chore than an act of enjoyment. Things would become totally boring and lackluster.

That said, humor can easily backfire if used inappropriately or distastefully. Hence, it is important to use humor in the right way. A bad or dirty joke made too early without establishing a reasonable level of friendliness may just do the opposite of what’s intended. It can almost instantly kill the fun within seconds. Men tend to make this serious mistake more often than women. In fact, women should be more cautious in indulging in such sexual humor than men as it may easily be misinterpreted as a sign of sexual accessibility. Though, a somewhat risqué humor can help elevate the degree of playfulness or flirtatiousness almost instantly. Despite these shortcomings, humor still remains an essential part of flirting.

One should also try to avoid using humor in extremes. Men tend to use humor in excess without realizing that it may not be amusing the other person. Women tend to use humor in lesser amount making the other person get more serious. There are obviously exclusions to this rule. Men in general are more likely to make things more humorous and less serious. Women usually tilt more toward seriousness with less humor.

In general, people who makes use of humor in their normal lives are seemed to more friendly and likeable. Moreover, a fun light hearted approach has been known to be seen as more attractive. Thoughtful use of humor can even lessen stress and induce a more relaxed atmosphere. A dash of humor can easily open new doors for taking flirting a step forward.

The best approach is to gauge the situation and then induce the most appropriate amount of humor without any excessiveness or inadequacy. If you feel you are overdoing humor, take things more easy. If you feel things are getting too serious, add some humor to make things more light. Just act as per the demand of the situation.

Once a fair amount of lighthearted humor is induced into flirting and a mutual attraction has been established, things begin to progress naturally. Both people try to amuse and entertain each other with humor. All this brings lots of smiles, laughter, and blushes. That in turn makes both people accepted and liked by each other.
Date Posted/Updated On: 12/15/2018
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