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Flirting And Personal Disclosure

Flirting And The Role Of Personal Disclosure For Most Effective Results

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One of the most integral part of flirting is exchange of personal information. Without disclosing anything about yourself or learning anything about the other person, things would be quite vague and can hardly be called flirting. Such type of mutual disclosures is a more effective way than a question and answer sessions which may look more like a job interview. Slowly revealing personal information is a subtle way towards getting more intimate.

One should be very careful how much and when they disclose their personal information. In the beginning, start disclosing casual things such as your favorite season or your cuisine preference. Do not reveal anything that is too personal such as the fact that you are allergic to pollen or that you had a major surgery just a short while ago. Just indulge in more informal disclosure, leaving everything else for the second meeting, that is, if there is a second meeting.

Also, don’t delay in reciprocal disclosures. If the other person reveals something about themselves, make sure to reciprocate by revealing something similar about yourself. By the same token, if you disclose something about yourself and the other person doesn’t return the favor, back off from any further disclosures. Reciprocal disclosure is a sign of mutual attraction.

Always be mindful of not disclosing too much. By the same token, refrain from disclosing too little as that may also not work in your favor. Women should keep in mind that disclosing too much of personal information too soon may be seen as a sign of sexual invitation. Men should also be careful as not disclosing enough personal information may be perceived as being mysterious.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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