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Flirting And Postures

Flirting And The Role Of Postures For Most Effective Results

Most of us can effectively control our verbal and non-verbal facial expressions while flirting, but it sometimes become more difficult to control our entire body’s posture. When we are talking and emoting with facial expressions, we somehow unknowingly lose control of the rest of our bodies. Hence, it is important to look out for your body postures. Make sure your postures are in sync with the rest of the things.

Postures can be used to show a high intensity of interest. You can show an interest by leaning your body towards the other person making it feel as if you are almost getting drawn towards the other person. Postures can also be used to show disinterest. You can show boredom or lack of interest in taking things further by leaning your body backwards.

Gender difference plays an important role when it comes to postures. Men should adopt postures that make them more masculine, strong, tall, and big by making their chest pop out. Males should be careful not to overdo it or else it may scare the female counterpart away. Women should adopt postures that make them appear more feminine, delicate, sensitive, and small by drawing attention to their more feminine body parts such as breasts or legs. Females should be careful not do too much of it or else it may send a signal of inviting the male counterpart of spending a hot night together.

Postures are best used when there is some sort of coordination or synchronization between the two people. It becomes far more harmonious when both people are trying to adopt each other’s postures by taking turns. They unknowingly start mimicking other person’s body postures. This is seen as a positive sign and is seen as a very early sign of compatibility between the two people.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/20/2019
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