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Flirting And Praises

Flirting And The Role Of Giving Compliments For Most Effective Results

When it comes to flirting, there can be nothing more desirable than giving and receiving compliments. Compliments are known to be universally liked by almost everyone, regardless of anything else. You don’t really need to be too original or flowery with your compliments. Just say whatever comes to you mind at the time. The best way to flirt with someone is by complimenting them because everyone loves getting compliments. Giving constant compliments is a sure sign of sending a sign of romantic interest. Make your compliments sound genuine. Don’t make your compliments sound too personal or sexual. The compliments should be classy and stylish and not cheap or vulgar.

Obviously, showering compliments left, right, and center would make you look like an obsequious. Although, compliments are always well taken regardless of any other factor, excess of anything is bad. Try your best to be genuine about your compliments. Also make sure your praise matches the context and the other person. For instance, telling a woman how nice her hair are when she is baldheaded would most definitely send you for a spin. Not to mention, timing is of essence. Make sure you stuff your compliments organically inside your conversation. Also try to make your words believable. Just saying things out of context and out of the blue may be slightly inappropriate.

Men should most definitely be careful about how they praise a woman’s look. It is fine to make a general compliment about a woman’s appearance. But going into too much detail and complimenting about her body parts can be highly inappropriate and even be offensive. Never look roll your eyes or check her out by looking at her from top to bottom while giving compliments related to her looks. Leave those sexual compliments for later when you both get more comfortable with each other.

Women in the other hand can give any sort of compliment to men. However, giving too many compliments or making it too personal may be perceived as invitation to having sex. Most men would misinterpret compliments from a woman as signal of direct interest in sex. So be careful what you say to a man and make sure you don’t send any wrong signals too soon.
Date Posted/Updated On: 12/16/2018
Author: ispace1

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one space for everyone
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