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Flirting And Seducing

Meaning And Definition Of Flirting And Seducing

Flirting And Seducing

Meaning And Definition Of Flirting And Seducing

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Flirting is an indirect and playful way through actions or comments to make someone aware of romantic or sexual interest, which may or may not be taken seriously, involving verbal or written communication such as provocative vocal tone, pace, volume, intonation, etc., as well as body language such as flicking hair, eye contact, brief touching, open stances, proximity, etc., also including making more explicit sexual advances such as starring and touching, or more implicit subtle advances such as making eye contact, smiles, blushes, winks, touch, gestures, tone of voice, or any combination of these behaviors or remarks.

Flirting may be very subtle or elusive at times or very obvious or noticeable at other times.

Flirting can also be called a very brief period of love or romance in a playful manner.

Flirting is intentionally trying to attract the attention of someone they like using means that could be considered playful.

Flirting is an act of being innocently over friendly to get the attention of someone they like or be appealing to them.

Flirting is usually intended as attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for fun or amusement rather than with any serious intentions or commitments.

Flirting makes use of double meaning words, with one meaning more formally appropriate and another more suggestive.

Flirting behavior also varies across cultural boundaries because of different ways of social etiquette such as how closely people should stand together, how long to stare, how often to make eye contact, how much touching is appropriate, and so forth.

Flirting normally includes communicating and behaving in a manner that suggests a somewhat greater intimacy than what the actual relationship between the parties would warrant.

Flirting can also be done to spice up a romantic relationship or to make the other partner feel jealous.

Flirting can be cold flirting wherein one is not serious about the other and just wants to have fun and enjoy the company of the other.

Flirting can also be serious flirting where one wants to woo another for a serious and committed relationship.

Flirting comes naturally to all of us and you may think you are completely oblivious to the idea of flirting but we all know how to send our message across when someone of our interest catches our eyes.

Flirting is that special way one person acts to show another person that they are romantically or sexually interested or attracted to them.

Flirting is intended to be quite playful in nature without ever crossing the line.

Flirting is an art that one must master in order to be good at it.

Flirting is a game of mind and body and is more physiological in nature.

Flirting is an inherent trait or a precursor to having a real relationship these days.

Flirting is supposed to be playful without any serious intent in the beginning unless it transforms into a real relationship.

Flirtatious actions may include winking, giving away number, blowing kisses, caressing, saying pick-up lines.

The person involved in flirting is called a flirt, the practice of flirting is called flirtation, the nature of flirting is called being flirtatious, the act of flirting is called flirty.

Seducing is the act or art of trying to intentionally lure, charm, cajole, bait, arouse, sway, persuade, attract, tantalize, tempt, trap, trick, induce, or entice someone to engage in certain activities or do something specifically, which may be sexual or non-sexual in nature, though it is closely connected with more specific terms such as short-term mating, casual sex, bedding tricks, mating strategies, and so on.

Seduction is not a scientific phenomenon but it pushes someone into a behavioral choice that they may or may not have made if they were not in a state of sexual arousal.

Seduction can also be seen as an act of charming someone by an appeal to the senses, usually with the objective of leading to their sexual emancipation.

Seduction is arousing of sexual senses for the purpose of attracting or being wanted or being physical by the other person.

Seduction is the ability to entice one into illicit behaviors and may also be described as a fine way of flirting.

Seduction can be done by wearing sexy clothes, showing sexual advances or using other objects.

Seduction is a popular subject in literature as well as fiction, both has social consequences of engaging in the act.

Flirting Limitations:

Limitations And Boundaries While Flirting With Someone Depending On Cultural And Regional Norms And Staying Within Decent Limits Of Playfulness.

Flirting is primarily reserved as a fun and playful activity. Just a bright smile or a harmless wink can lighten up anyone’s day. It can also improve self-confidence and self-esteem. One must always be mindful of cultural or regional boundaries.

One should also maintain a fair amount of space with married people. Under no circumstances should anyone cross the line. It should be full of fun and entertainment for both parties. It is in no way supposed to be create even the slightest feeling of discomfort or uneasiness for either party.

Flirting Mix:

Flirting Mix Or Composition Of Different Components Including Verbal And Non Verbal Clues For Making An Initial Or First Impression.

When you meet someone for the first time, their initial impression of you is based upon fifty-five percent on your looks and appearance, twenty-five percent on your personality and body language, fifteen percent on your eloquence and speaking style, and only five percent on what you actually say with explicit words.

Flirting is known to be a mixed bag of verbal, non-verbal, appearance, personality, etc. Sometimes just having confidence can be a more attractive quality than good looks. While some other times, just the way a person carry themselves and talks can be the most important factor. So it’s not just about what you say, but what’s makes a bigger difference is how you say what you say with your facial expressions, body language, pitch, tone, gestures, postures, and so on. The impression that you make is a combination of all these factors put together.

Closing The Gap In Flirting:

Closing The Gap In Flirting So That You Can Get Closer To The Other Person.

At the end, flirting is all about reducing and ultimately closing the physical gap between you and another person. It is an indication of approaching the other persons or an invitation for the other person to approach you. Moving closer is the core idea of flirting with someone. Keep the right persona that bridges the gap between you and the other person. Lean towards the other person indicating you are trying to get close to them. Don’t cross your arms or legs while talking as that may make you appear as a closed person.

Flirting Cultural Differences:

Flirting In Different Cultures Activities Varies In Different Cultures Around The World Due To Dissimilar Styles Of Social Protocols.

Flirting activities varies in different cultures because of dissimilar styles of social protocols such as how to make eye contacts, how long to gaze, how close one can get, how much touching is appropriate, etc. These differences also play an important role for both genders, where certain things are acceptable for males but not for females, and vice versa.

In most cultures, even in the advanced westernized world, making sexually explicit advances to a stranger are not socially acceptable. However, other indirect and suggestive moves may at times be acceptable so long as they are playful and light in nature.

Flirting For Success:

Flirting For Maximizing Success And Minimizing Failures In Order To Boost Ego And Avoid Any Setbacks.

Flirting is supposed to be primarily for fun. But it can also be a big ego booster or an effort in diminishing self-confidence. For that reason, it is important to flirt to maximize your chances of success and minimize any chance of failure. We all want to make a positive impression and get liked, especially by the opposite sex.

One solution to flirting for success is by engaging in flirting with people who fall within your level of overall attractiveness. Things are known to be more mutual and fulfilling when both partners belong to roughly equally good looks. Of course, other factors such as communication style or income level are known to fill the gaps in looks. But, most happy relationships are between people of the same level of looks. Most people misevaluate their own looks. Some underestimate their looks, while others overestimate. It is not uncommon to find average looking women considering themselves as beauty queens. Men on the other hand are known to downplay their looks. Both genders gives different importance to looks while selecting their mate. Men are usually seen as less sensitive about their looks mainly because there are other qualities such as personality and income level that more than compensates any gaps that appears in their physical looks. In fact, most women admit that they don’t pay very high importance to looks when they measure attractiveness of a man. On the other hand, most men give primary importance to the physical looks of a women while quantifying attractiveness of a woman.

The other solution to flirting for success is by indulging in flirting with people who are more likely to return the favor. Even if you are flirting just for fun without any long-term prospect in your mind, getting rejected may hurt your confidence and self-esteem. Things becomes lot more fun when there is mutuality in the level of interest from both sides. So it makes more sense in flirting with people who are more likely to like you back instead of dismissing you at the first step as highly unsuitable. History is evidence of the fact that men are more attracted towards younger and more beautiful women, while women are known to be more attracted towards slightly older and high status men. Though, it is worth mentioning there may be several exception to this rule.

It is best to use flirting primarily for fun. If something better emerges from it, that would be a bonus. Regardless of the fact whether you are flirting for fun or for establishing something more meaningful, always make an effort in engaging and indulging with people who are most likely to return the same feelings as you have for them. In fact, getting turned down too many times can do more harm than good.

Overdoing While Flirting:

Overdoing While Flirting Or Crossing The Line While Flirting Can Be Highly Inappropriate And Indecent.

Flirting is supposed to be playful as well as harmless, it’s extremely important to never overdo and cross the line while flirting.

Crossing the line of flirting by making crude or sexual comments, inappropriate touching, comments about someone’s body parts, etc., are not flirtatious, in fact, it may just do the opposite of what’s intended by making the person run in the opposite direction and may even amount to sexual harassment.

Flirting And Praises:

Flirting And The Role Of Giving Praises Or Compliments In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

When it comes to flirting, there can be nothing more desirable than giving and receiving compliments. Compliments are known to be universally liked by almost everyone, regardless of anything else. You don’t really need to be too original or flowery with your compliments. Just say whatever comes to you mind at the time. The best way to flirt with someone is by complimenting them because everyone loves getting compliments. Giving constant compliments is a sure sign of sending a sign of romantic interest. Make your compliments sound genuine. Don’t make your compliments sound too personal or sexual. The compliments should be classy and stylish and not cheap or vulgar.

Obviously, showering compliments left, right, and center would make you look like an obsequious. Although, compliments are always well taken regardless of any other factor, excess of anything is bad. Try your best to be genuine about your compliments. Also make sure your praise matches the context and the other person. For instance, telling a woman how nice her hair are when she is baldheaded would most definitely send you for a spin. Not to mention, timing is of essence. Make sure you stuff your compliments organically inside your conversation. Also try to make your words believable. Just saying things out of context and out of the blue may be slightly inappropriate.

Men should most definitely be careful about how they praise a woman’s look. It is fine to make a general compliment about a woman’s appearance. But going into too much detail and complimenting about her body parts can be highly inappropriate and even be offensive. Never look roll your eyes or check her out by looking at her from top to bottom while giving compliments related to her looks. Leave those sexual compliments for later when you both get more comfortable with each other.

Women in the other hand can give any sort of compliment to men. However, giving too many compliments or making it too personal may be perceived as invitation to having sex. Most men would misinterpret compliments from a woman as signal of direct interest in sex. So be careful what you say to a man and make sure you don’t send any wrong signals too soon.

Flirting And Gestures:

Flirting And The Role Of Gestures Or Signal Expresses Via Body Language In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Gestures or non-verbal clues play an important role in flirting. Our gestures can be powerful in sending a strong signal of interest, attraction, or even a romantic invitation. At the same time, it can also transmit feelings of uncomfortableness, undesirability, or disinterest. It is important to correctly read other person’s gestures and use you own gestures to send the correct signals. We all use gestures in our daily lives to communicate with everyone without even realizing it.

Think of gestures as monologues when talking or as punctuations when not talking. They also can be used to give immediate feedback to what the other person is saying. These gestures can be used in order to send the right signals while flirting. They can easily transmit the level of interest or disinterest in the other person.

Expressing via gesticulations differs in different cultures and regions. There is also a gender difference. In fact, most people have their own way of gesticulating. Regardless of these factors, it is fairly easy to understand the other’s person’s intentions from their gestures.

Flirting gestures are signals expressed via body language such as flicking the hair, eye contact, open stances, proximity, winking, laughing, giggling, smiling, whispers, moving of feet and legs, etc., by one person to another. Some of the most common gestures are using your hands while talking, moving or revolving your head, movement of chest, going back and forth of your shoulders, etc. Nodding is usually used to give instant response when someone is saying something and seeking your response. Gestures can be best used when there is a natural coordination between the two people without any effort from either side. It is almost as if you both belong to the same symphony of orchestra. This is a clear indication that these two people can get along well and work as a team.

Flirting And Talking:

Flirting And The Role Of Talking Or Story Telling In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

One must be very careful in what they say while flirting. It’s important to know what to say, what not to say, how to say, and how not to say. Making a small mistake can be futile. So always think before you open your mouth, and not open your mouth first and then think.

One thing to avoid at all cost is to be negative. If you constantly talk about all the bad things that are happening in your life or keep complaining about every little things around, you would be not only boring the other person but in fact be making them frustrated. No one, especially a stranger, would be interested in you life’s tragic events. This may make the person want to get the hell out of your sight.

Also avoid talking too much about yourself and showing too little concern for the other person. Do not get into any intricate details or take too much time in making your point. Refrain from using too much of slangs and avoid talking in monologues. Stay away from serious or gruesome topics. At the same time, don’t show overjoy or over excitement.

Try to stay positive for most part and show that you are happy. Make an effort to let the other person talk about themselves. Things go best when the talking is done in a more interactive manner. There should be a balance in the exchange of words. After all, the only way you both can get to know if there is a mutual interest is by talking. Hence, use the most powerful bone in your body, you tongue, in the most effective way in order to win the other person.

Flirting And Touching:

Flirting And The Role Of Touching Or Getting Physical In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Touching has its own language that is often louder than words. We can easily convey something by a simple touch what we can’t communicate with words. In that sense, touching is a very power tool when it comes to flirting. Touching can be used effectively to express attraction, interest, agreement, disagreement, affection, and love. Even a simple, brief touch can leave a lasting impression. Always touch appropriately on arms or hands. Keep increasing the frequency and length of your touches based on the feedback you get from the other side. In short, take things slow and adjust your touching as per the situation. Never indulge in inappropriately touching the other person on their more personal parts.

Touching can be used to speed up the initial flirting stages. However, it is almost like playing with fire. Just one inappropriate touch can ruin all future prospects. So one must be extra careful touching while flirting. Touching should also be mutual. If you touch the other person and if the other person doesn’t reciprocate then that is a sign to back off unless the other person is awfully shy. You may continue touching if you feel your touch was welcomed by the other person. Just a small smile on the other person would be a good signal that you have the other person’s permission to progress with touching.

The touching rules are mostly governed by cultural and personality differences. What may be acceptable in one culture may be totally inappropriate in another. Different personalities react differently to touching in the same culture. All these things are important to consider prior to touching while flirting. The key to flirting via touching is to start with short playful pats, and then progressively increase the frequency and length of your touch moving towards more intimacy. Slowly escalating your touches will make the other person feel comfortable being physical with you without over overwhelmed and it will make you feel comfortable as well. Not falling all over the other person too soon will show that you are in control and may even leave the other person craving for more. The best ways to flirt by touching is playing with their hair or jewelry, or just playfully touching them whenever possible. Make sure to stay within the limits and never get inappropriate by making the other person uncomfortable. Touching when not needed is a sure sign of sending a signal of interest.

There are obviously big differences in touching the opposite sex when it comes to both genders. Women in general are less accepting to being touched by a stranger of the opposite sex than men are. So men should take extra precautionary measures before they touch a woman. On the other hand, men are much more open to being touched by a woman. That said, most men are likely to take a friendly touch by a woman as a sexual invitation. Hence, both genders must be equally careful when they use touch as a means to flirt with the opposite sex. This in no way means that you should never touch. It only means that you should be extra careful before you touch the other person.

Flirting And Listening:

Flirting And The Role Of Listening Or Hearing The Other Person In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

When it comes to effective flirting, it is important to be a good listener. Being able to patiently listen to the other person is always perceived as a desirable trait. However, being a good listener doesn’t mean that you shut up and let the other person do all the talking while you just keep listening. No, that is not what a good listener would do.

Good listeners gives their undivided attention to the speaker. They lend not only their ears but also proactively get involved in what the other person has to say. The other person must feel that you are genuinely interested in hearing what they are saying. It becomes important to give your feedback to what the other person is saying.

Your response should be both verbal as well as non-verbal. Effective ways to give a verbal response is by saying a word or two. Effective ways to give a non-verbal feedback is by shaking your head and giving nods. All these things encourages the other person to keep talking. Women especially admire men who can listen to whatever they have to say. While men are usually more of a listener. Though, things are slightly different in the initial stages when the man is trying to woo the woman.

You could even summarize what the other person is saying or say the same thing in other words. Both of these things will confirm that you are actually listening and paying attention. This will almost result in an instant chemistry between you and the other person. It may even appear as if you both know each other for a long time and this is the not the first meeting. Listening therefore opens many other avenues when it comes to flirting.

Flirting And Postures:

Flirting And The Role Of Postures Or Physical Positions In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Most of us can effectively control our verbal and non-verbal facial expressions while flirting, but it sometimes become more difficult to control our entire body’s posture. When we are talking and emoting with facial expressions, we somehow unknowingly lose control of the rest of our bodies. Hence, it is important to look out for your body postures. Make sure your postures are in sync with the rest of the things.

Postures can be used to show a high intensity of interest. You can show an interest by leaning your body towards the other person making it feel as if you are almost getting drawn towards the other person. Postures can also be used to show disinterest. You can show boredom or lack of interest in taking things further by leaning your body backwards.

Gender difference plays an important role when it comes to postures. Men should adopt postures that make them more masculine, strong, tall, and big by making their chest pop out. Males should be careful not to overdo it or else it may scare the female counterpart away. Women should adopt postures that make them appear more feminine, delicate, sensitive, and small by drawing attention to their more feminine body parts such as breasts or legs. Females should be careful not do too much of it or else it may send a signal of inviting the male counterpart of spending a hot night together.

Postures are best used when there is some sort of coordination or synchronization between the two people. It becomes far more harmonious when both people are trying to adopt each other’s postures by taking turns. They unknowingly start mimicking other person’s body postures. This is seen as a positive sign and is seen as a very early sign of compatibility between the two people.

Flirting And Humor:

Flirting And The Role Of Lighthearted Humor Or Jokes In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Using humor while flirting can be an extremely effective tool. In fact, flirting is supposed to be fun and humor is a big part of having fun. So in that sense, humor becomes an integral part of flirting. Witch a lack of humor, flirting may appear more like a chore than an act of enjoyment. Things would become totally boring and lackluster.

That said, humor can easily backfire if used inappropriately or distastefully. Hence, it is important to use humor in the right way. A bad or dirty joke made too early without establishing a reasonable level of friendliness may just do the opposite of what’s intended. It can almost instantly kill the fun within seconds. Men tend to make this serious mistake more often than women. In fact, women should be more cautious in indulging in such sexual humor than men as it may easily be misinterpreted as a sign of sexual accessibility. Though, a somewhat risqué humor can help elevate the degree of playfulness or flirtatiousness almost instantly. Despite these shortcomings, humor still remains an essential part of flirting.

One should also try to avoid using humor in extremes. Men tend to use humor in excess without realizing that it may not be amusing the other person. Women tend to use humor in lesser amount making the other person get more serious. There are obviously exclusions to this rule. Men in general are more likely to make things more humorous and less serious. Women usually tilt more toward seriousness with less humor.

In general, people who makes use of humor in their normal lives are seemed to more friendly and likable. Moreover, a fun light hearted approach has been known to be seen as more attractive. Thoughtful use of humor can even lessen stress and induce a more relaxed atmosphere. A dash of humor can easily open new doors for taking flirting a step forward.

The best approach is to gauge the situation and then induce the most appropriate amount of humor without any excessiveness or inadequacy. If you feel you are overdoing humor, take things more easy. If you feel things are getting too serious, add some humor to make things more light. Just act as per the demand of the situation.

Once a fair amount of lighthearted humor is induced into flirting and a mutual attraction has been established, things begin to progress naturally. Both people try to amuse and entertain each other with humor. All this brings lots of smiles, laughter, and blushes. That in turn makes both people accepted and liked by each other.

Flirting And Challenging:

Flirting And The Role Of Challenging Or Competition In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Use challenging your opponent for advanced flirting. Laying small bets or wager can send a flirting signal. Challenger the target by playing a game of pool or cards can also be an effective flirting technique. Challenging or competing with someone can do the trick.

Frequent challenges will assure a romantic interest. Make sure to use your eyes and the rest of your body language while challenging your opponent. Create an excitement or a thrill and make it a challenge for the other person. Just the fact that the other person took you up for your challenge is a sign of mutual interest. Nothing can be more cute than competing with your romantic interest. Keep on playing this game until you create a sense of comfort and then go ahead and ask the other person out for another exciting meeting.

Flirting And Conversing:

Flirting And The Role Of Conversing Or Communicating In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Prolonging an unnecessary conversation is a sure sign of flirting. Listening and asking cross questions also sends a flirting signal. Focus all of your attention and show a genuine concern about what they are saying. Make frequent nods and then tilt your head to show that you're listening carefully to what the other person is saying.

Going out of your way to listen to someone’s extended story means there is some sort of mutual attraction. Make full use of this opportunity by not only lending your ears but by also giving your feedback. This will show a genuine interest in the other person. People who has something to say or share are usually looking for someone to listen to what they have to say. The discussion can be from a range of topic starting from their previous love life to current challenges at work. At the end, you can politely offer your additional help over a cup of coffee or a drink. This will secure you another intimate meeting. If you are actually interested in the other person, this is your best chance to make an impression and win their heart.

Flirting And Mimicking:

Flirting And The Role Of Mimicking OR Mirroring In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Mimicking the other person’s behavior is an effective flirting technique. Mirroring someone’s behavior is a sign that the two people are in sync and these are early signs of long term compatibility.
If they lean forward, you lean forward.
If they scratch their head, you scratch your head.
If they whistle, you whistle.
If they tap their toes, you tap your toes.

Flirting And Winking:

Flirting And The Role Of Winking Or Blinking In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Winking is another technique of flirting by using your eyes. Wink by quickly closing and opening eyelids of one of your eyes. It should only be used very rarely when you are sure that the other person also likes you back with the same intention. It sends an instant and strong signal to someone about your interest in them. In fact, it’s one of the most strong ways of expressing your interest in the other person without saying a word.

Flirting And Smiling:

Flirting And The Role Of Smiling Or Blushing In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Flirting with smiles is one of the cutest way of flirting as smiles are known to be contagious. Smiling is very powerful technique of flirting as everyone loves to see a smiling face. Smiling indicates that one is approachable and is open for a small introductory talk at the very least. It should be a normal pleasant smile and not a gigantic used car salesman kind of a smile.

Flirting And Lips:

Flirting And The Role Of Lip Service In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Subtly licking your moist lips can send a strong romantic signal. Subtly biting your lips means you are craving for that person.

Flirting And Gauging:

Flirting And The Role Of Gauging Or Measuring Response In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Flirting can be a risky game and one must be very careful. Take things slowly and make progressions as per the other person’s responses. Continue, if there is a positive response from the other side. Withdraw, if it makes the other person feel even slightly uncomfortable. Never take offense to a rejection while flirting. In fact, walk away with dignity and never become persistent.

If someone is flirting with you and you are not interested, be polite and respectful of their feelings by walking away or by nicely signaling your disinterest. Make use of the push-n-pull flirting technique, pull in to generate an initial interest and push off to make them crave or if there is no reciprocity from the other side.

Flirting And Facial Expressions:

Flirting And The Role Of Facial Expressions In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

Flirting is an art that can be most effectively mastered if you can learn how to read and understand the other person’s facial expressions. By the same token, it is equally important to send the right signals to the other person by your own facial expressions. In general, facial expressions play an extremely powerful role in flirting. Just the right type of look on your face can do the trick.

We all have used our facial expressions to express ourselves when we are unable to verbally transmit the same message due to distance or some other reasons. One of the most common expression is that of briefly raising your eyebrows to greet the other person. You should make full use of this expression as it is almost harmless. This may not be the perfect conversation starter but it will at least gain you the other person’s initial attention. It may even send a subtle signal of attraction but don’t expect any fireworks to come out of it.

It is usually hard for most people to hide their feelings from coming on to their face. In that sense, facial expressions are even more trustworthy than any spoken words. So use them to your advantage. Also make them look natural and not an act to garner attention. Regardless of the intentions, most of us easily rely on facial expressions. This is why when we talk to someone we look at their faces, not their hands or feet. This gives us immediate non-verbal feedback.

Facial expressions also has some limitations. People from different cultures emote rather differently with their faces. Then there is always a gender difference. Women are known to have a more pleasant demeanor than men even if they have an unfavorable opinion about something or someone. Despite the challenges, facial expressions can be effectively used to enhance your flirtatious efforts. In fact, blank faces are often considered most unattractive regardless of other factors. For instance, there could be a totally hot woman with perfect figure but she won’t come across as being attractive if she has almost no expressions on her face. So our facial expressions also makes us more attractive for others. Most of these facial expressions come out naturally and they are part of your personality. Fabricated facial expressions can only go so far before they backfire on your own face. After all, it is not easy to carry an act on your face for too long unless you are a professional actors. It is correctly said that your face is a lens through which one can peek inside your heart and figure out what actually is going on inside you. The best thing is that you can never cause any harm with your facial expressions, unless you completely go overboard in pulling your heart out of your chest and sticking it on your face.

Flirting And Vocal Signals:

Flirting And The Role Of Vocal Or Verbal Signals In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

When it comes to flirting, of course, it matter what you say, but it also matters how you say what you say. Your pitch, volume, speed, and tone of voice could make a world of difference. Also when you make pauses and where you stress on some words makes a big difference as well. Think of these as punctuation marks. So it becomes more about how effectively you transmit what you actually have to say.

In fact, these vocal signals is what differentiates a seasoned communicator from a normal person. The ability to use these vocal signals effectively and also to decipher them efficiently is a skill in itself. In fact, the level of attraction and interest in the other person can be more effectively communicated by these vocal signals than the actual words. Even a simple comment can be said in remarkably different ways by just adjusting the pitch and tone of voice.

Use low-pitched, high-bass, deep-toned voice to tell the other person that you are romantically attracted towards them. Note that the intonation of just one word can say the same thing in many different ways. Use this to your advantage. Point is that you can easily transmit your attraction just by the modulation of your voice.

The best way is to adopt moderation in your pitch and tone. Talking in a very sultry tone may seem like you are about to have an orgasm. Talking too loud, too quiet, too fast, too slow should be always avoided. So always try to be moderate and use varied levels of tone to get your point across. These vocal signals should also be used to indicate that now it’s the other person’s turn to respond. So make the best use of all the different vocal variables for most effective flirting.

Flirting And Opening Lines:

Flirting And The Role Of Opening Lines Or Introduction In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

One of the most difficult part of flirting is breaking the ice. Most people get stressed with how to initiate the act of flirting. They are not clear about which opening lines to use. They often times keep thinking what to say and the other person walks away before they can even utter a single word. You must have experienced something like this in your life. Well, guess what, you are not alone as almost all of us has experienced something like this at some point in our lives.

Let’s try to crack this code of conduct. Let’s figure out how to best break the ice and enter the flirtation territory. All of us have used lines that have not worked. We all have used lines that we later regretted. Whether we admit or not, we all have been in this situation.

So the question that comes to the mind is what is the most effective way to open the window of flirting by striking a conversation with someone we find attractive. The answer is even simpler than the question itself. The first thing to note is that your opening line is not a ticket to winning the heart of the other person, in fact it is just to strike a conversation. The second thing is that the opening lines makes no real difference in your odds of making an impression.

Your opening lines do not have to original or patented. They don’t even have to perfect or elegant. Just be yourself and say whatever comes to your mind at that time and fits the context. Don’t worry even if you sound a little clichéd. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a comment about the weather. This technique is time tested and it works every time it’s used. Though, make sure that your comment somehow invites the other person to respond or else it may be the opening as well the closing line.

Flirting And Equal Opportunity:

Flirting And The Role Of Giving Equal Opportunity Or Chance To The Other Person In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

You may be an excellent orator and someone who is known to win other people’s hearts just by showcasing your eloquence. But, this is not one of your leadership workshops. You may be deeply fascinated and passionate about what you have to say. But, this is not the time to keep blabbing about your ideas or opinions about yourself. Doing so may make you appear to be arrogant and self-obsessed.

By the same token, there are people who are extremely patient in hearing what the other person is saying. They are so patient that the entire conversation goes by without them saying a single word. Their silence rips apart the other person. They take no initiative in making the conversation going.

Both of the above cases are extremes. Talking too much or too little, both has adverse consequences. The golden rule is to exchange almost equal number of words. Flirting after all is about reciprocity and sharing or exchanging information and ideas where both people comes across as effectively playing the role of a talker as well as a listener. This happens when you give some and take some.

There should be a natural fluidity in the conversation. Neither party should make an effort to keep the conversation going. There shouldn’t be too many pauses or interruptions for too long. There should be natural turn taking when one person gives the other person a chance to respond by giving signals by facial expressions and drops in volume levels. All these things should happen almost effortlessly and seamlessly. The more effective you become in this two-way communication skill, the more successful you will be with flirting.

Flirting And Personal Disclosure:

Flirting And The Role Of Personal Disclosure Or Revelation In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success.

One of the most integral part of flirting is exchange of personal information. Without disclosing anything about yourself or learning anything about the other person, things would be quite vague and can hardly be called flirting. Such type of mutual disclosures is a more effective way than a question and answer sessions which may look more like a job interview. Slowly revealing personal information is a subtle way towards getting more intimate.

One should be very careful how much and when they disclose their personal information. In the beginning, start disclosing casual things such as your favorite season or your cuisine preference. Do not reveal anything that is too personal such as the fact that you are allergic to pollen or that you had a major surgery just a short while ago. Just indulge in more informal disclosure, leaving everything else for the second meeting, that is, if there is a second meeting.

Also, don’t delay in reciprocal disclosures. If the other person reveals something about themselves, make sure to reciprocate by revealing something similar about yourself. By the same token, if you disclose something about yourself and the other person doesn’t return the favor, back off from any further disclosures. Reciprocal disclosure is a sign of mutual attraction.

Always be mindful of not disclosing too much. By the same token, refrain from disclosing too little as that may also not work in your favor. Women should keep in mind that disclosing too much of personal information too soon may be seen as a sign of sexual invitation. Men should also be careful as not disclosing enough personal information may be perceived as being mysterious.

Flirting And Maintaining Distance:

Flirting And Maintaining Appropriate Distance With Target Is Extremely Important In Order To Not Intrude Anybody's Private Space.

While flirting, it is important to maintain an appropriate distance with the other person. The distance that you keep with the other person will tell the other person about your character. At the same time, be aware of the distance that the other person is keeping with you as it will tell you what they feel for you. In both cases, distance speaks louder than words.

As a thumb rule, maintain a distance of four to six feet when you first see your target. It is commonly accepted that a person’s private space comprises of the roughly four feet radius around them. Try to stay away from this private circle at the initial stage. After you make a mutual interest, try to get inside their private circle. Still don’t get too close too soon. A distance of two to four feet comprises of a person’s personal space. So still stay away from the personal circle. Then once you establish a more personal mental connection, try to move a little bit more closer. A distance of one to two feet is mostly reserved for close friends and family. So get closer but still remain at least a foot away from them. Then comes the final intimate circle that is less than a foot from them. This is usually reserved for intimate lovers. If you feel you have reached that level, by all means get as close as you can get. Keep in mind that the movement of getting closer that is described here can happen over several meetings and not just the first one.

The important thing is to be mindful of other people’s boundaries and respect them. Don’t get too close too soon that the other person start feeling uncomfortable. These distances also wary depending on if you are standing face to face or side by side. It would also make a difference if you are sitting in a bar or a pub.

Just get as close as you can and as rapidly as you can without making the other person uncomfortable. You can easily see the level of comfort or discomfort on the other person’s face and body language. Progress towards or away from the other person as the case may be. Always be respectful of the other person and never ever throw yourself on the other person if that is not what they want you to do. So just take things very slow and don’t intrude other person’s space.

Flirting And Eye Contact:

Flirting And The Role Of Eye Contact To Send A Romantic Interest To The Other Person For Most Effective Results.

When it comes to flirting, the most effective tool are your eyes. Your eyes can say things that you can’t say with words. We perceive our eyes as a means of looking at things, but they also reflect what’s hidden inside us. Just the look of your eyes and the way you look at the other person can be a powerful indication of your feelings and intentions.

Most of us are not aware of how effective eyes can be in communicating our feelings. Just locking eyes with your target can mean winning half the battle. Extended eye contact between two people can be an extremely powerful way of establishing a mutual liking. Most people make eye contact for just a fraction of a second with a stranger before they start looking elsewhere. If you can maintain that eye contact, it is a positive sign and a step closer towards the other person. Making subsequent and frequent eye contacts is a sure sign of positive interest.

If you find your target hesitant in making eye contact or if they look elsewhere as soon as you make an eye contact, it can mean one of two things. Either they are awfully shy or they are just not interested in you. If it’s the first reason, it is alright to pursue making eye contacts. But back off if it’s the second reason before you embarrass yourself.

Flirting with eyes is perhaps the most effective and also the easiest way to send a romantic interest to the other person. It is a first step in striking a conversation. In fact, the moment you make an eye contact is the best time to start saying something. Just gazing at each other for too long without saying anything may make things uncomfortable for both of you. So making eye contact won’t by itself make the other person fall in your arms, it will just open the door to go to the next step in flirting.

Flirting And Checking Out:

Flirting And The Role Of Checking Out To Send A Romantic Interest To The Other Person For Most Effective Results.

It’s possible to make things totally obvious in a very short period of time. Stare right into their eyes and look them up and down. Start looking from their head to their toe and back while maintaining eye contact. You would have made it obvious that you are checking them out and find them sexually attractive.

If you get a smile back, you would have hit the jackpot. Go ahead and start a conversation and keep talking until you exchange numbers. Only apply this technique if you are sure about their positive reaction. Immediately back off if there is even a slight feeling of discomfort or awkwardness.

Flirting And Single Tag:

Flirting And The Role Of Single Tag To Send A Romantic Interest To The Other Person For Most Effective Results.

Make sure to shows off your single tag. If you want to flirt with someone, it’s important to show that you are currently single and looking for someone exciting. Doing so will have two benefits. First, you would have made it abundantly clear that you single. Second, it will make it obvious that you want to mingle with the other person.

You can spread your fingers and sort of rub against them to show that you are not wearing a wedding ring. There are other ways to announce that you are single by making some specific comments. Just the fact that you want the other person to know that you are single is a signal of romantic interest. This itself will send a strong signal to the other person. if you get a similar response from the other side, you can be sure of a mutual interest. At that point, you should make a direct contact and at least exchange phone numbers.

Flirting And Showing Off:

Flirting And The Role Of Showing Off To Send A Romantic Interest To The Other Person For Most Effective Results.

Show off your positive traits to get attraction. Flash your masculinity or femininity to get attracted by the other person. Make sure that you don’t make it appear that you are totally materialistic. So no matter how great of a car you drive, never show off your keychain with the logo. Also, don’t disclose the fact that you live in the top five most expensive zip codes of the country. These things may impress certain people, but you should rather stay away from gold diggers. While, this can be a total turn off for many other people.

Instead, make an effort to show how nice you are or how caring you can be. Make it very subtle so that you don’t come across as a conceited person. It is very easy to show such quality by making a small comment. You can make a passing remark that it’s a rather unseasonable evening and if the other person is cold. Such small things can do big wonders while flirting.

Flirting And Exchanging Contact Info:

Flirting And The Role Of Exchanging Contact Info To Send A Romantic Interest To The Other Person For Most Effective Results.

Once you cross the initial flirting phase, it’s time for taking things beyond the first flirtatious encounter. You must understand that you have to be more proactive if you want there to be a second meeting. You have to be direct and let your intentions be known. Else, you would be forgoing a great chance and it will become a missed opportunity.

If you are man, it’s best to ask for her phone number. If you are a woman, it’s better to give out your number so that you can make it clear that you are interested but it will still require him to take the initiative to call you.
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