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Flirting And Seducing

Meaning And Definition Of Flirting And Seducing

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Flirting is an indirect and playful way through actions or comments to make someone aware of romantic or sexual interest, which may or may not be taken seriously, involving verbal or written communication such as provocative vocal tone, pace, volume, intonation, etc., as well as body language such as flicking hair, eye contact, brief touching, open stances, proximity, etc., also including making more explicit sexual advances such as starring and touching, or more implicit subtle advances such as making eye contact, smiles, blushes, winks, touch, gestures, tone of voice, or any combination of these behaviors or remarks.

Flirting may be very subtle or elusive at times or very obvious or noticeable at other times.

Flirting can also be called a very brief period of love or romance in a playful manner.

Flirting is intentionally trying to attract the attention of someone they like using means that could be considered playful.

Flirting is an act of being innocently over friendly to get the attention of someone they like or be appealing to them.

Flirting is usually intended as attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for fun or amusement rather than with any serious intentions or commitments.

Flirting makes use of double meaning words, with one meaning more formally appropriate and another more suggestive.

Flirting behavior also varies across cultural boundaries because of different ways of social etiquette such as how closely people should stand together, how long to stare, how often to make eye contact, how much touching is appropriate, and so forth.

Flirting normally includes communicating and behaving in a manner that suggests a somewhat greater intimacy than what the actual relationship between the parties would warrant.

Flirting can also be done to spice up a romantic relationship or to make the other partner feel jealous.

Flirting can be cold flirting wherein one is not serious about the other and just wants to have fun and enjoy the company of the other.

Flirting can also be serious flirting where one wants to woo another for a serious and committed relationship.

Flirting comes naturally to all of us and you may think you are completely oblivious to the idea of flirting but we all know how to send our message across when someone of our interest catches our eyes.

Flirting is that special way one person acts to show another person that they are romantically or sexually interested or attracted to them.

Flirting is intended to be quite playful in nature without ever crossing the line.

Flirting is an art that one must master in order to be good at it.

Flirting is a game of mind and body and is more physiological in nature.

Flirting is an inherent trait or a precursor to having a real relationship these days.

Flirting is supposed to be playful without any serious intent in the beginning unless it transforms into a real relationship.

Flirtatious actions may include winking, giving away number, blowing kisses, caressing, saying pick-up lines.

The person involved in flirting is called a flirt, the practice of flirting is called flirtation, the nature of flirting is called being flirtatious, the act of flirting is called flirty.

Seducing is the act or art of trying to intentionally lure, charm, cajole, bait, arouse, sway, persuade, attract, tantalize, tempt, trap, trick, induce, or entice someone to engage in certain activities or do something specifically, which may be sexual or non-sexual in nature, though it is closely connected with more specific terms such as short-term mating, casual sex, bedding tricks, mating strategies, and so on.

Seduction is not a scientific phenomenon but it pushes someone into a behavioral choice that they may or may not have made if they were not in a state of sexual arousal.

Seduction can also be seen as an act of charming someone by an appeal to the senses, usually with the objective of leading to their sexual emancipation.

Seduction is arousing of sexual senses for the purpose of attracting or being wanted or being physical by the other person.

Seduction is the ability to entice one into illicit behaviors and may also be described as a fine way of flirting.

Seduction can be done by wearing sexy clothes, showing sexual advances or using other objects.

Seduction is a popular subject in literature as well as fiction, both as social consequences of engaging in the act or its recipient.
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