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Flirting And Talking

Flirting And The Role Of Talking For Most Effective Results

One must be very careful in what they say while flirting. It’s important to know what to say, what not to say, how to say, and how not to say. Making a small mistake can be futile. So always think before you open your mouth, and not open your mouth first and then think.

One thing to avoid at all cost is to be negative. If you constantly talk about all the bad things that are happening in your life or keep complaining about every little things around, you would be not only boring the other person but in fact be making them frustrated. No one, especially a stranger, would be interested in you life’s tragic events. This may make the person want to get the hell out of your sight.

Also avoid talking too much about yourself and showing too little concern for the other person. Do not get into any intricate details or take too much time in making your point. Refrain from using too much of slangs and avoid talking in monologues. Stay away from serious or gruesome topics. At the same time, don’t show overjoy or over excitement.

Try to stay positive for most part and show that you are happy. Make an effort to let the other person talk about themselves. Things go best when the talking is done in a more interactive manner. There should be a balance in the exchange of words. After all, the only way you both can get to know if there is a mutual interest is by talking. Hence, use the most powerful bone in your body, you tongue, in the most effective way in order to win the other person.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/18/2019
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