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Flirting And Touching

Flirting And The Role Of Touching For Most Effective Results

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Touching has its own language that is often louder than words. We can easily convey something by a simple touch what we can’t communicate with words. In that sense, touching is a very power tool when it comes to flirting. Touching can be used effectively to express attraction, interest, agreement, disagreement, affection, and love. Even a simple, brief touch can leave a lasting impression. Always touch appropriately on arms or hands. Keep increasing the frequency and length of your touches based on the feedback you get from the other side. In short, take things slow and adjust your touching as per the situation. Never indulge in inappropriately touching the other person on their more personal parts.

Touching can be used to speed up the initial flirting stages. However, it is almost like playing with fire. Just one inappropriate touch can ruin all future prospects. So one must be extra careful touching while flirting. Touching should also be mutual. If you touch the other person and if the other person doesn’t reciprocate then that is a sign to back off unless the other person is awfully shy. You may continue touching if you feel your touch was welcomed by the other person. Just a small smile on the other person would be a good signal that you have the other person’s permission to progress with touching.

The touching rules are mostly governed by cultural and personality differences. What may be acceptable in one culture may be totally inappropriate in another. Different personalities react differently to touching in the same culture. All these things are important to consider prior to touching while flirting. The key to flirting via touching is to start with short playful pats, and then progressively increase the frequency and length of your touch moving towards more intimacy. Slowly escalating your touches will make the other person feel comfortable being physical with you without over overwhelmed and it will make you feel comfortable as well. Not falling all over the other person too soon will show that you are in control and may even leave the other person craving for more. The best ways to flirt by touching is playing with their hair or jewelry, or just playfully touching them whenever possible. Make sure to stay within the limits and never get inappropriate by making the other person uncomfortable. Touching when not needed is a sure sign of sending a signal of interest.

There are obviously big differences in touching the opposite sex when it comes to both genders. Women in general are less accepting to being touched by a stranger of the opposite sex than men are. So men should take extra precautionary measures before they touch a woman. On the other hand, men are much more open to being touched by a woman. That said, most men are likely to take a friendly touch by a woman as a sexual invitation. Hence, both genders must be equally careful when they use touch as a means to flirt with the opposite sex. This in no way means that you should never touch. It only means that you should be extra careful before you touch the other person.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/16/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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