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Flirting For Success

Flirting For Maximizing Success And Minimizing Failures

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Flirting is supposed to be primarily for fun. But it can also be a big ego booster or an effort in diminishing self-confidence. For that reason, it is important to flirt to maximize your chances of success and minimize any chance of failure. We all want to make a positive impression and get liked, especially by the opposite sex.

One solution to flirting for success is by engaging in flirting with people who fall within your level of overall attractiveness. Things are known to be more mutual and fulfilling when both partners belong to roughly equally good looks. Of course, other factors such as communication style or income level are known to fill the gaps in looks. But, most happy relationships are between people of the same level of looks. Most people misevaluate their own looks. Some underestimate their looks, while others overestimate. It is not uncommon to find average looking women considering themselves as beauty queens. Men on the other hand are known to downplay their looks. Both genders gives different importance to looks while selecting their mate. Men are usually seen as less sensitive about their looks mainly because there are other qualities such as personality and income level that more than compensates any gaps that appears in their physical looks. In fact, most women admit that they don’t pay very high importance to looks when they measure attractiveness of a man. On the other hand, most men give primary importance to the physical looks of a women while quantifying attractiveness of a woman.

The other solution to flirting for success is by indulging in flirting with people who are more likely to return the favor. Even if you are flirting just for fun without any long-term prospect in your mind, getting rejected may hurt your confidence and self-esteem. Things becomes lot more fun when there is mutuality in the level of interest from both sides. So it makes more sense in flirting with people who are more likely to like you back instead of dismissing you at the first step as highly unsuitable. History is evidence of the fact that men are more attracted towards younger and more beautiful women, while women are known to be more attracted towards slightly older and high status men. Though, it is worth mentioning there may be several exception to this rule.

It is best to use flirting primarily for fun. If something better emerges from it, that would be a bonus. Regardless of the fact whether you are flirting for fun or for establishing something more meaningful, always make an effort in engaging and indulging with people who are most likely to return the same feelings as you have for them. In fact, getting turned down too many times can do more harm than good.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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