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Flirting In Work Places

Flirting At Front Offices Back Offices Workshops Factories And Other Facilities

Flirting in workplaces such as front offices, back offices, workshops, factories, and other facilities, is generally not the most appropriate place for flirting. Still, it is one of the most sought-after places for flirting. It is usually considered in appropriate to flirt with a boss, secretary, or a coworker. Yet, people don’t shy away from flirting as offices whenever they get an opportunity.

There are no laws or by-laws when it comes to flirting at work. There are really no universal laws that governs flirtatious behavior at work. Each work setting is different. Each workplace has its own unspecified code of conduct.

That said, there may be certain times and occasions where flirting may be acceptable. The common area such as the pantry or the office cafeteria may become the unofficial places for flirting. The office group happy hour may also be the place for flirting. Some companies even have weekly or monthly outings where it may be alright to flirt. Make use of the office parties of happy hours that transitions into an after-party. Engage in a small conversation and leave your number/email or your visiting card on their desk with a smiley face.

On the other side, it would highly unacceptable to flirt during an official meeting. The monthly progress meeting may be the worst place to try any flirtatious stunts. You may even run the risk of getting fired or fall prey to a sexual harassment case. This is why it is very risky to flirt at workplaces. If you do, be extra careful or you may even earn a bad name and gain a bad reputation.
Date Posted/Updated On: 04/20/2019
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