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Flirting Mistakes

Some Of The Biggest Flirting Blunders And Mistakes Or The Do's And Don'ts Of Flirting

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Flirting is often taken with a casual approach without putting too much thought into it. While this flirting approach may work in some cases, it is extremely important not to do something totally inappropriate. Many people end up making disastrous mistakes while flirting without even realizing it. Some of the biggest flirting mistakes are discussed next.

Following are some of the biggest flirting blunders and mistakes:

Following are the flirting dos and donts:

Do’s In Flirting:

Following are some of the most important do's in flirting:

Do smile at the person: There is nothing better than a smile to tell someone that you are interested in them - so throw out your best giggles.

Do make eye contact: The single most important thing to make a connection with a stranger is by making as well as maintaining eye contact - so let your eyes do the talking.

Do compliment them: It is human nature to like compliments or flattering lines - so use it to your best advantage and tell them you are into them.

Do initiate a talk: At some point, you will have to talk them into a conversation - so use your words wisely to take it to the next level.

Do maintain a distance: If this is the first meeting - so keep things formal without getting all over them

Don’ts In Flirting:

Following are some of the most important dont's in flirting:

Don’t over do it: Tell them you are interested but keep things within limits - so don’t make things too obvious.

Don’t stare: Of course you must indicate your interest but without making the person uncomfortable - so don’t just keep looking at them.

Don’t be cheesy: It is alright to praise the other person but without sounding like a pickup artist - so don’t get so cheesy that you lose your authenticity.

Don’t multi flirt simultaneously: There may be other people around that you are interested in but try to control yourself - so don’t show interest in others in front of them.

Don’t send mixed signals: You may not be sure if you are actually interested in them but make up your mind - so don’t push and then pull back.

Don’t be distracted: You may feel nervous, but you must remain focussed on just one person - so don’t play with your phone or look around too much.

Don’t get too personal: We all love to talk about ourselves, but you are here to impress someone - so don’t flatter yourself or throw a list of your accomplishments.

Don’t show so much interest that it appear like you are about to have an orgasm by just looking at them as that will make you appear like a sexually deprived person.

Don’t overwhelm the other person by coming on too strong as you don’t know the other person and you don’t want them to think of you as a desperate person.

Don’t tease or entice the other person as it may be too soon to come out with a sexual tease and it can even suggest that you are only interested in sex.

Don’t ever whine about your past relationships as this is neither the right place nor the right person to be talking about your previous failed love life.

Don’t play too hard to get as that may make the other person feel that you are either not interested in them or that you are just a coy.

Don’t focus on more than one person at a time as that they send wrong signals and make everyone confused.

Don’t be too serious and stay away from any thoughtful topics as it may make you look like a nerd.

Don’t giggle nonstop like a clown as that may make you look like a silly immature person.

Don’t get too personal too soon as you really don’t know each other yet.

Don’t tell them how lucky they are to bump into you as that will most definitely piss off the other person.

Don’t boast that all the singles in the town are after you as that will make you look like a snob.

Don’t act pricy in order to win their heart as that can really throw the other person off.

Don’t act like a smooth operator as that will make you appear like a professional flirter.

Don’t act like you are not into the other person when you are as that can send the wrong signals.

Don’t be too obscure as most people hate vagueness when they are trying to get to know the other person.

Don’t be too elusive as people like to know who they are getting into.

Don’t appear to be too mysterious as most people don’t like to be associated with shadowy people.

Don’t lie about anything if you want to connect with the other person beyond the first encounter as lying has their own feet and the truth always comes out.

Don’t stalk the other person by following them wherever they go as that may scare the daylights out of the other person and even put you at odds with law enforcement.

Don’t post flirty messages on social media as that they put you in an unfavorable light in the public eye.

Don’t wink too soon and just play with their eyes as winking too soon may make you come across as being extremely forward minded.

Don’t intentionally run into the person and make it appear like an accident as people have their way of knowing the truth especially if you do this too frequently.

Don’t talk about your ex or your past relationships as it’s too soon to talk about all your heartbreaks.

Don’t be self-absorbed and keep blabbing about yourself as you don’t even know if the other person is even interested in getting to know you yet.

Don’t talk too much and let the other person speak more as you don’t want to sound like a nonstop chatter box.

Don’t get too close too soon as that would invade the other person’s private space.

Don’t make weird face or give silly smiles even if you think it will make you look cute as you never know how well they will be taken by a stranger.

Don’t grope the other person as this can be totally creepy and may make the other person run in the opposite direction like there is no tomorrow.

Don’t uncover all your cards on the table too quickly as you will need some excitement for later too.

Don’t bore the other person to death by telling your entire life history as it’s important to first know if the other person is even interested in listening to life’s saga.

Don’t let your fears get the better of you as everyone likes to be with confident people.

Don’t play mind games or play hard to get as both can be a big time turn off for most people.

Don’t be sarcastic with your comments as the other person doesn’t know you well enough to understand what you actually meant.

Don’t flirt in a professional setting as that can jeopardize your job and can even make you look cheap.

Don’t whine or grumble on every little thing as most people don’t like to associate with people who always complain.

Don’t ask for any sort of emotional help as it will make you come across as someone who is emotionally insecure.

Don’t appear to be a miser as this can never be a desirable quality to impress the opposite sex.

Don’t appear to be possessive or jealous as it is way too soon to feel such emotions for someone you don’t even know.

Don’t make sexual jokes until you get to know each other well enough as it may make the other person feel highly uncomfortable.

Don’t make a move when the other person doesn’t appear to be in a good mood as being caught with a bad mood makes one do things that they won’t do if things were going normal.

Don’t showcase your best attributes or your positive traits as it can make you look like a showoff.

Don’t cram too much information in one sentence as it will definitely make you sound awfully nervous.

Don’t be too rhetoric as the other person doesn’t know you well enough yet.

Don’t do drunk chuckles and giggles as those are always cheap signs.

Don’t start broadcasting your likes and dislikes as it may be too soon to get into any sort of match making quiz.

Don’t overshare too much information about yourself too soon as you should be first make sure if the other person is even interested in you in the first place.

Don’t mention how hot you are or how good you are as it will make you seem conceited.

Don’t indulge in over gazing or looking at them inappropriately as it can make the situation awfully awkward for everyone.

Don’t start matching horoscopes or running a compatibility test too soon as you are just beginning to know the person and not planning a wedding.

Don’t be too nervous as almost no one like to be in company of people who are not confident of themselves.

Don’t get lost in your dream world or start fantasizing as the other person may just walk away and it will be another missed opportunity.

Don’t send any risqué photos too soon as it can totally make you look like a pervert.

Don’t withdraw too soon by rejecting yourself before they reject you as that may lead to one more missed opportunity.

Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not just to impress the other person.

Don’t fake yourself and portray someone other than who you are.

Don’t overdo it by over exaggerating or emphasizing something beyond reasonable limits.

Don’t get sarcastic as the other person doesn’t know you yet and may easily misunderstand your sarcasm.

Don’t read too much between the line and over analyze every little things.

Don’t get obsessed with the other person.

Don’t get too aggressive or rampant with your actions.

Don’t bring anything too personal too soon.

Don’t flatter yourself and say how good you are as that may make you appear to be cocky.

Don’t talk too much about yourself that you sound like a self-obsessed loser.

Don’t get too serious or get too much involved.

Don’t be over confident as it can transmit a feeling of cockiness.

Don’t talk too loudly and don’t whisper either as both can send the wrong signal.

Don’t take too much interest as it may appear like an act of complete desperation.

Don’t suffocate the other person and leave some breathing space.

Don’t get lusty or sexual with your actions or words as that can be highly inappropriate.

Don’t disrespect the other person and always stay within limits of decency.

Don’t crack distasteful jokes and always be careful with your remarks.

Don’t get too close too soon and wait for a positive response from the other side.

Don’t ask for their number too soon, instead wait for the right moment.

Don’t give cheap compliments about body parts or about their sexuality in general.

Don’t sound as too eager or become too overwhelming for the other person.

Don’t get too aggressive or throw yourself over to the person.

Don’t make things so obvious that you get in trouble.

Don’t stare too hard that you make the other person totally uncomfortable.

Don’t overdo to an extent that you look desperate.

Don’t overreact so much that you create a big balloon of unspoken conflicts.

Don’t flirts with more than one person at a time as it may make confuse everyone.

Don’t send flirty signals then withdraw and walk away from the scene unless you are totally not interested.

Don’t hit too hard even if the other person is not getting the cues.

Don’t let your ego come in between.
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June 29 ,2019

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