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Flirting Mix

Flirting Composition Of Different Components For Making An Impression

When you meet someone for the first time, their initial impression of you is based upon fifty-five percent on your looks and appearance, twenty-five percent on your personality and body language, fifteen percent on your eloquence and speaking style, and only five percent on what you actually say with explicit words.

Flirting is known to be a mixed bag or verbal, non-verbal, appearance, personality, etc. Sometimes just having confidence can be a more attractive quality than good looks. While some other times, just the way a person carry themselves and talks can be the most important factor. So it’s not just about what you say, but what’s makes a bigger difference is how you say what you say with your facial expressions, body language, pitch, tone, gestures, postures, and so on. The impression that you make is a combination of all these factors put together.
Date Posted/Updated On: 05/20/2018
Author: ispace1

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