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Flirting Tips

Some Great Tips And Advices For Flirting In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success

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Flirting is an exceptionally fast and powerful way to attract the opposite sex. Majority of people flirt in the wrong way. They don’t realize how applying a few techniques can significantly improve their flirting efforts. Some of the important tips to master the art of flirting are discussed next.

Following are some important tips and advices for flirting:

After introducing yourself, tell them you want to share a secret but then pull away saying never mind, it will make the other person go crazy and pester you to tell what it is.

Always flirt with confidence with the right postures and body language as no one want to associate with someone who lacks self-confidence.

Memorize an interesting joke and pull it out whenever you get an opportunity to make the other person laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Just be yourself and let the real you come out without being someone that you are not just to impress the other person.

Maintain your confidence and poise and pretend you were not even flirting if there is no response from the other side.

Always keep a friendly smile on your face as nothing can be more contagious than a gorgeous smile on your face.

Wear a happy look on your face as no one wants to initiate a new association with an unhappy person.

Try to put words in their mouth and make it appear like they are the one who is attracted towards you.

Let your eyes do the initial talking and send a high voltage of romantic signal to the other person.

It should be done cautiously and never go overboard or send wrong signals to the other person.

Try to relax and take a deep breath as flirting should be a fun exercise and not a stressful chore.

Pretend you know the other person but then quickly apologize and then introduce yourself.

Spraying the right perfume on your neck can send the right kind of scent for attraction.

Keep a mint or a gum handy and offer one to break the ice or to start a conversation.

Accidentally bump into the other person and then apologize and introduce yourself.

It should show loving or romantic interest instead of lustiness or provocativeness.

Act gracefully and with dignity even if the other person is not at all interested.

It should be natural or organic and should not look artificial or synthetic.

Maintain cool and collectiveness as it will make you appear more sexy.

Keep going until you feel any sort of negative vibes from the other side.

Take charge and take control of the situation where you call the shots.

It’s good not to be too direct but it’s okay to be obvious sometimes.

It is like a game of chess, just make the right moves to checkmate.

Relax and keep a care-free attitude that believes in optimism.

Let your eyes and body do most of the talking for you.

Get dressed to impress and make a statement.

Stay true to yourself and portray your real self.

Keep your focus on the other person.

Be confident and remain poised.

Be casual and lighthearted.

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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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