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Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting Tips And Advice For Guys In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success

Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting Tips And Advice For Guys In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success

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Following are some important flirting tips and advice for men:

Act chivalrously.

Guys become overprotective of someone in whom they have a romantic interest in.

It would be risky to engage in long stares as it can scare the girl off and put her in a frenzy.

Be very subtle and gentle without looking like a desperate person and overdoing it can make you look like a pervert.

The secret is in showcasing your masculinity for women to feel attracted to.

Portray dominance in your personality by postures like puffing your chest or stiffing your arms, but do it just enough so that you come across as someone who is strong but safe to be around with.

Make short eye contact at regular intervals by looking away and making eye contact again a few times.

Smile without making things too obvious.

Wink gently with a smirk on your face.

Slightly moisten your lips with the tip of your tongue.

Mirror the other person's actions and movements.

Run your fingers through your hair slowly.

Softly play and flip your hair to the other side.

Laugh with confidence and maintain a positive attitude.

Lean backward and then forward for a few times.

Lift one eyebrow first and then the other one to grab their attention.

Stand as close as possible without taking the other person's private space.

If you are sitting, then change your posture a few times.

Slightly lean towards the other person if there is any communication.

Tilt your head slightly to one side and then the other side.

Always keep your arms open and unfolded so that you look open for taking things further.

Softly bite your lips to suggest an interest.

Purse your lips softly so that the other person can feel your interest in them.

Let your eyes to sparkle with joy when you look at the other person.

Smile with your eyes and with full facial expression.

Softly touch your lips with the edge of your fingers.

Stroke your phone or anything that is in your hand.

Use a mint or a breath spray to smell fresh.

Wear perfume that smells inviting but is not too strong.

Suck on your fingers if things more forward.

Hold the other person's gaze a few seconds more than the usual.

Part your lips and then close them.

Look at the person's lips without staring too much.

Touch your upper teeth with your tongue.

Tease the other person playfully by smiling.

Blush as much as possible and as much as appropriate without looking too odd.

It is ok to be a little naughty without being too cheap.

Flicker your eyelashes periodically.

Lightly touch your collarbone with your fingers.

Roll your hands on your body from top to bottom subtly.

Highlight the good physical attributes and try to hide your body flaws.

Look at the other person intimately and seductively over your shoulder.

Keep your body posture in open position so that you seem approachable.
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November 16 ,2019

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Flirting Tips For Guys
Flirting Tips And Advice For Guys In Order To Maximize Your Results And Chances Of Success
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