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Flirting Versus Teasing

Main Differences Between Flirting And Teasing

Following are some of the main differences between flirting and teasing:

Flirting is a playful act of showing romantic or sexual attraction towards the other person; whereas, teasing is a playful act of making fun or provoking the other person without any romantic or sexual component attached to it.

Flirting can consist of teasing; whereas, teasing usually contains no flirting part in it.

Flirting is always intended to be playful; whereas, teasing can be playful as well as hurtful if it goes too far.

Flirting is supposed to be primarily joyous; whereas, teasing is mostly intended as being mischievous.

Flirting is usually used with a positive connotation; whereas, flirting can be used in either positive or negative connotation.

Flirting is most often done with strangers; whereas, teasing can be mostly seen between close friends.

Flirting is intended for getting love; whereas, teasing is intended to embarrass or annoy the other person.
Date Posted/Updated On: 04/23/2019
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