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Flirting With Someone You Already Know

Flirting With Someone You Already Know With Eyes

You can convey an interest in the other person if you already know each other.
Look deep into their eyes while having a conversation.
Think about how you actually feel for that person and your feelings will find a way to get across with your eyes.
Let your eyes do all the talking because your words can lie but your eyes can never lie.
Realize the true capability of how your eyes can serve as window to your heart.
You would have made it pretty obvious that you have a romantic interest in the other person.
Wait for a response and see if the interest is mutual as things would become quite obvious from both sides.
Immediately withdraw if there is any feeling of uncomfortableness.
In worst case, it won’t hurt to make a direct move and ask them out because the worst that can happen is they will refuse and that’s not the end of the word, in fact, that’s just an opening to move on to someone else.
Date Posted/Updated On: 04/23/2019
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