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Flirting With Strangers

Flirting With Strangers With Eyes And Eyebrows Is One Of The Best Ways To Send A Romantic Interest To The Other Person For Most Effective Results

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Flirting with eyes and eyebrows is one of the best ways to flirt with someone.
It’s very easy and safe way to get the message across with an instant response.
It’s an age-old classic way of grabbing someone’s attention.
It’s instinctive, intuitive, and exciting.
It’s the fastest way of showing interest in someone.
It’s the first step towards striking a conversation.
It’s like making the first move in showing a romantic interest.
It’s harmless and can do put you in trouble with the law.
It can practiced virtually in any place and with anyone.
It can lead to something more if it’s mutual.
It is usually liked by the other person as long as it doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable.
The most important advantage of flirting with eyes is that it can help you gauge someone’s interest in you prior to striking any verbal communication. The other benefit is that it indicates a romantic interest in the other person without actually spelling it out.
Never ever overdo eye flirting as it can make some people extremely uncomfortable so always gauge the other person’s reaction and accordingly continue or withdraw as the situation may be.
Locking eyes for a few seconds will send a sure signal of interest.
Lock eyes with the person you're flirting with for a full five to seven seconds, then smile and drop your gaze and look down somewhere, then repeat this a few times.

Flirting with eyes.
Some of the eye contact flirting technique that always work.
Make a casual stare every now and then with regular intervals until you get noticed.
Make short glimpses or else you may appear to be a stalker.
Wait for a response from the other side.
See if you get a stare back.
Lock eyes for a second and then quickly look away.
Repeat this process a few times where you both look at each other for just a second.
Make sure your message goes across and is not understood to be as a passing glance.
Your message will be understood once you continuously glance at them after every few seconds.
By this time you both would be playing a hide and seek game with your eyes.
Build the excitement without spilling the beans.
Now stop starring at them and wait to see if they stare back at you.
The other person would fall in a predicament as they will now be looking for your attention.
By now it will become a full-fledge starring game.
Now give a slight glare from the corner of your eyes without staring directly.
If you find them starring at you, it will appear as if they are the one interested in you and you would have successfully turned the table around.
Now it’s time for making a long eye contact by looking into each other’s eyes.
Next look away while smiling or blushing in a romantic way.
Now see if they also have a smile on their face when they look away.
Finally it’s time to take a plunge into a long stare while blushing at each other.
If you can reach this far, congrats you have successfully flirted your way into a possible romance.
Make sure to withdraw at any point where you feel lack of mutuality as it may make things highly uncomfortable for both of you.
Locking eyes and not able to look elsewhere is a sure sign of mutual interest.

Look, but Don't Stare. You can attract someone's attention across a room by catching her eye and holding the gaze for about a second. That's longer than a normal glance, so she will notice it, but it's not so long that it will make her uncomfortable. When you are up close and talking, glance briefly at her face, and then look away. Don't stare. You should be looking at her face, in brief glances, about half the time while you are talking, and about three-quarters of the time while you are listening.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 07/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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