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Flirting With Your Client

Flirting With Your Client To Send A Romantic Interest To The Other Person For Most Effective Results

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Flirting with your client is not such a great idea but still it’s a popular practice. There are many reasons to flirt with your client who could be single or married. The first obvious reason is because you are attracted to your client. The other reason is to get in their good books and potentially earn a new contract. Not to mention, little bit of flirting with client can also calm down the stressful environment. Most people want to keep a friendly and cordial relationship with their client. Both men and women are known to use their sexuality to flirt with their client. Still, flirting with your client can be risky and you must take all precautionary measures. Read through the sexual harassment and client relationship policies.

Many people get attracted to their clients because they are obviously more beneficial and are at a fairly powerful position. This can be a very lucrative quality. We all are naturally drawn towards people who has the ability to give us more business. Most clients are already aware of this and hence they shy away from people who get attracted to them just because of the power that they possess instead of their more personal traits.

You can flirt with your eyes and smiles as those are enough to let the other person know of your intentions. You can also give freebies. Also use touch whenever you can. Stay with them more and offer special help whenever possible, especially when it’s not warranted. You should also use your body language for paying more hints. Try to be nice and just take one more step than you generally should. Never fall all over your client and overwhelm them.

If you have set your mind to flirt with your client, make sure you do it swiftly. Never take the risk of expressing your interest explicitly. Just make incremental moves that are enough to make your client aware of your interest. Then wait for their response before you make any more moves. Also dress to impress and look awesome. Groom well and appear at your very best. Even though you may have a romantic interest in your client, always stay professional. If you are flirting in order to get some special benefits such as a big contract, you must still do your part well as your flirtatious behavior won’t compensate for any kind of wild moves.

Since most people spend a large majority of their time working in their workplaces, some sort of flirting with client or workplace romance becomes almost unavoidable. The best way to be attractive to your clients is by being good at your work. Your achievements and success will draw your clients toward you. Everybody in business want to be linked with people who are good at what they do. Use this to your advantage to impress and attract your clients. Also keep a playful reputation and always be open to helping your clients.

Look for a reason to pass by your clients and make a short comment. Make sure to give them a smile every time you make any kind of eye contact. There is a lot you can transmit by just the way you stare at them and how you move your eyes. Of course, don’t miss any opportunity to praise them for their good work and also for their looks whenever appropriate. Just like we used to pass notes in our classrooms, you can easily email and text your clients to start a friendly conversation. Keep things platonic but make use of emoticons to make things just a little bit more personal. Just a small smiley face emoticon or a short line can send a sure flirting interest. Asking for help or offering help are both excellent ways of sending an interest in the other person, especially asking or offering when there is really no need for it.

Lunch breaks are made in heaven for people who wish to flirt with their clients. This is the perfect time to get friendly and get to learn things about someone that is more than just business. Get a cup of tea or share a meal to get things started. Your wish to spend time with someone is enough to let the other person know that you at least like them more than what you share in business. Also try to extend your conversations and increase your interactions, but do some without sounding too needy. Professional networking and business events are some of the other places when you can transpire your interest in someone. You can even give a note or a small gift that can surely communicate your interest in them.

You must be aware of the fact that everyone else around you is observing your behavior and people are especially attentive when they see any flirtatious activities with a client. So you can almost be certain that others know about your flirting nature. Overdoing and crossing the limit may even get you in trouble with the chamber of commerce. Always stay within the code of conduct that is specified in the business policy. Remember, a small mistake may result in you losing business and it can even make an affect on your profession. It’s easier to find another person to flirt with, but finding another lucrative client may be a far more difficult task.
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June 29 ,2019
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