How To Flirt With A Guy Or Girl

How To Flirt With A Guy Or Girl Or Man Or Woman Or Crush Or Date Over Text Or In Person By Using All Of The Flirting Best Practices To Impress Effortlessly By Leaving An Everlasting Impression

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How To Flirt With A Guy Or A Man:

It can be tricky for women when it comes to flirting with guys. Men are known to misinterpret the friendly behavior of women as a sexual invitation. This is not because men are delusional. It is just because men tend to see things a lot differently than women. They see things with more of a sexual connotation than women do. Men lack diplomacy and often get carried away easily. All this means that women should be particularly careful in how they flirt or respond to flirtatious behavior as their response can be easily understood as a sexual advance or invitation.

How To Flirt With A Girl Or A Woman:

Men should be extra careful while flirting with girls so that they don’t cross the line. Overdoing or over-emphasizing flirtatious signs can very easily lead to harassment and obstructing the privacy of a woman. Men should keep things lighthearted without being too persistent. Going overboard can lead to stalking and harassing a woman. All this may even get men in trouble with law enforcement. So it is indispensable for men to engage only in friendly, harmless flirting activities that are well within fair limits.

Flirting Is Supposed To Be A Fun Activity:

Flirting is playfully exhibiting that you are romantically or sexually inclined or attracted toward someone. It can be quite a challenging task in itself to first start flirting and putting yourself on the spot where you don’t know if you will be successful. So getting a little nervous is understandable. But don’t worry because it is perfectly normal to be at least a little bit nervous when you are with someone that you really like but still don’t know too well. There are many ways to boost your confidence and be successful when it comes to flirtation. It is imperative to be calm and composed. You must maintain a balance between overexposing your feelings and at the same time keeping the other person interested and intrigued to keep going. Flirtation is at its best when both parties are equally interested in each other. One-way flirting often leads to harassing the other person. So whenever you indulge in flirting with someone, make sure you gauge the other person’s level of interest. Keep until you feel the other person is interested in you and back off as soon as you think you are not getting an equal response from the other side.

Flirting Is Just A Way To Initiate Contact:

Flirting is a fundamental tactic used to entice the opposite gender for generations. The only difference is that the way we flirt has gone through a transformation. The mere reason that you want to flirt with some means that you have a romantic interest in that person. So this is a big sign of how you feel towards someone. Most people hesitate or shy away from flirting because of two reasons. Mainly because how the other person would react is a vast unknown, and then there is always a fear of rejection by not getting a good response from the other side. The thing is that you would never know until you try and even if you don’t get a positive response that’s not the end of the world as there are plenty of other opportunities. So let’s say you flirt with ten people and get a good response from two of them, that’s a pretty good success rate. Moreover, there are many ways to master the art of flirtation which will increase the odds in your favor. Never go overboard and make calculated moves based on how the other person is responding to your flirtatious acts. So don’t overdo that the other person gets scared away and runs in the other direction. At the same time, don’t be so dull that the other person gets bored. The trick is in maintaining the right balance.

Flirting And The Role Of Giving Praises Or Compliments:

When it comes to flirting, there can be nothing more desirable than giving and receiving compliments. Compliments are known to be universally liked by almost everyone, regardless of anything else. You don’t need to be too original or flowery with your compliments. Just say whatever comes to your mind at the time. The best way to flirt with someone is by complimenting them because everyone loves getting compliments. Giving constant compliments is a sure sign of sending sign of romantic interest. Make your compliments sound genuine. Don’t make your compliments sound too personal or sexual. The compliments should be classy and stylish and not cheap or vulgar.

Obviously, showering compliments left, right, and center would make you look like an obnoxious person. Although compliments are always well taken regardless of any other factor, excess of anything is bad. Try your best to be genuine about your compliments. Also, make sure your praise matches the context and the personality of the other person. For instance, telling a woman how lovely her hair is when she is baldheaded would most definitely send you for a spin. Not to mention, timing is of the essence. Make sure you stuff your compliments organically inside your conversation. Also, try to make your words believable. Just saying things out of context and out of the blue may be slightly inappropriate.

Men should most definitely be careful about how they praise a woman’s looks. It is fine to make a general compliment about a woman’s appearance. But going into too much detail and complimenting about her body parts can be highly inappropriate and even offensive. Never look roll your eyes or check her out by looking at her from top to bottom while giving compliments related to her looks. Leave those sexual compliments for later when you both get more comfortable with each other.

Women, on the other hand, can give any sort of compliment to men. However, giving too many compliments or making it too personal may be perceived as an invitation to have sex. Most men would misinterpret compliments from a woman as a signal of direct interest in sex. So be careful what you say to a man and make sure you don’t send any wrong signals too soon.

Flirting And The Role Of Smooth Talking Or Story Telling:

One must be very careful in what they say while flirting. It’s important to know what to say, what not to say, how to say, and how not to say. Making a small mistake can be futile. So always think before you open your mouth, and not open your mouth first and then think.

One thing to avoid at all costs is to be negative. If you constantly talk about all the bad things that are happening in your life or keep complaining about every little thing around, you would be not only boring the other person but in fact, making them frustrated. No one, especially a stranger, would be interested in your life’s tragic events. This may make the person want to get the hell out of your sight.

Also, avoid talking too much about yourself and showing too little concern for the other person. Do not get into any intricate details or take too much time in making your point. Refrain from using too many slangs and avoid talking in monologues. Stay away from serious or gruesome topics. At the same time, don’t show overjoy or overexcitement.

Try to stay positive for the most part and show that you are happy. Make an effort to let the other person talk about themselves. Things go best when the talking is done more interactively. There should be a balance in the exchange of words. After all, the only way you both can get to know if there is a mutual interest is by talking. Hence, use the most potent bone in your body, your tongue, in the most effective way in order to win the other person.

Flirting And The Role Of Light Touching Or Getting Physical:

Touching has its language that is often louder than words. We can easily convey something by a simple touch that we can’t communicate with words. In that sense, touching is a potent tool when it comes to flirting. Touching can be used effectively to express attraction, interest, agreement, disagreement, affection, and love. Even a simple, brief touch can leave a lasting impression. Always touch appropriately on their arms or hands. Keep increasing the frequency and length of your touches based on the feedback you get from the other side. In short, take things slow and adjust your touching as per the situation. Never indulge in inappropriately touching the other person on their more private parts.

Touching can be used to speed up the initial flirting stages. However, it is almost like playing with fire. Just one inappropriate touch can ruin all prospects. So one must be extra careful touching while flirting. Touching should also be mutual. If you touch the other person and if the other person doesn’t reciprocate, then that is a sign to back off unless the other person is timid. You may continue touching if you feel the other person welcomed your touch. Just a small smile on the other person would be a good signal that you have the other person’s permission to progress with touching.

The touching rules are mostly governed by cultural and personality differences. What may be acceptable in one culture may be inappropriate in another. Different characters react differently to touching in the same culture. All these things are essential to consider before touching while flirting. The key to flirting via touching is to start with short playful pats, and then progressively increase the frequency and length of your touch moving towards more intimacy. Slowly escalating your touches will make the other person feel comfortable being physical with you without over overwhelmed, and it will make you feel comfortable as well. Not falling all over the other person too soon will show that you are in control and may even leave the other person craving for more. The best ways to flirt by touching is playing with their hair or jewelry, or just playfully touching them whenever possible. Make sure to stay within limits and never get inappropriate by making the other person uncomfortable. Touching when not needed is a sure sign of sending a signal of interest.

There are significant differences in touching the opposite sex when it comes to both genders. Women, in general, are less accepting of being touched by a stranger of the opposite sex than men are. So men should take extra precautionary measures before they touch a woman. On the other hand, men are much more open to being touched by a woman. That said, most men are likely to take a friendly touch by a woman as a sexual invitation. Hence, both genders must be equally careful when they use touch as a means to flirt with the opposite sex. This in no way means that you should never touch them. It only means that you should be extra careful before you touch the other person.

Flirting And The Role Of Listening Or Hearing The Other Person:

When it comes to effective flirting, it is essential to be a good listener. Being able to listen to the other person patiently is always perceived as a desirable trait. However, being a good listener doesn’t mean that you shut up and let the other person do all the talking while you just keep listening. No, that is not what a good listener would do.

Good listeners give their undivided attention to the speaker. They lend not only their ears but also proactively get involved in what the other person has to say. The other person must feel that you are genuinely interested in hearing what they are saying. It becomes essential to give feedback on what the other person is saying.

Your response should be both verbal as well as non-verbal. Effective way to give a verbal response is by saying a word or two. Effective ways to provide non-verbal feedback are by shaking your head and giving nods. All these things encourage the other person to keep talking. Women especially admire men who can listen to whatever they have to say. On the other hand, men are usually more a listener. Though things are slightly different in the initial stages when the man is trying to woo the woman.

You could even summarize what the other person is saying or say the same thing in other words. Both of these things will confirm that you are listening and paying attention. This will almost result in instant chemistry between you and the other person. It may even appear as if you have both known each other for a long time, and this is not the first meeting. Listening, therefore, opens many different avenues when it comes to flirting.

Flirting And The Role Of Lighthearted Humor Or Jokes:

Using humor while flirting can be a handy tool. Flirting is supposed to be fun, and humor is a big part of having fun. So in that sense, humor becomes an integral part of flirting. With a lack of humor, flirting may appear more like a chore than an act of enjoyment. Things would become dull and lackluster.

That said, humor can easily backfire if used inappropriately or distastefully. Hence, it is important to use humor in the right way. A bad or dirty joke made too early without establishing a reasonable level of friendliness may just do the opposite of what’s intended. It can almost instantly kill the fun within seconds. Men tend to make this serious mistake more often than women. Women should be more cautious in indulging in such sexual humor than men as it may easily be misinterpreted as a sign of sexual accessibility. Though, a somewhat risqué joke can help elevate the degree of playfulness or flirtatiousness almost instantly. Despite these shortcomings, humor remains an essential part of flirting.

One should also try to avoid using humor in extremes. Men tend to use humor in excess without realizing that it may not be amusing to the other person. Women tend to use humor in a lesser amount making the other person get more serious. There are exclusions to this rule. Men, in general, are more likely to make things more humorous and less serious. Women usually tilt more toward seriousness with less humor.

In general, people who make use of humor in their normal lives are seemed to more friendly and likable. Moreover, a fun, lighthearted approach has been known to be seen as more attractive. Thoughtful use of humor can even lessen stress and induce a more relaxed atmosphere. A dash of humor can easily open new doors for taking flirting a step forward.

The best approach is to gauge the situation and then induce the most appropriate amount of humor without any excessiveness or inadequacy. If you feel you are overdoing humor, take things easier. If you think things are getting too serious, add some fun to make things lighter. Just act as per the demand of the situation.

Once a fair amount of lighthearted humor is induced into flirting, and a mutual attraction has been established, things begin to progress naturally. Both people try to amuse and entertain each other with humor. All this brings lots of smiles, laughter, and blushes. That, in turn, makes both people accepted and liked by each other.

Flirting And Importance Of Maintaining Appropriate Distance With Your Crush:

While flirting, it is essential to maintain an appropriate distance from the other person. The distance that you keep from the other person will tell the other person about your character. At the same time, be aware of the distance that the other person is keeping with you as it will tell you what they feel for you. In both cases, distance speaks louder than words.

As a thumb rule, maintain a distance of four to six feet when you first see your target. It is commonly accepted that a person’s private space comprises a roughly four feet radius around them. Try to stay away from this private circle at the initial stage. After you make a mutual interest, try to get inside their private circle. Still don’t get too close too soon. A distance of two to four feet comprises a person’s personal space. So always stay away from the intimate circle. Then once you establish a more personal mental connection, try to move a little bit closer. A distance of one to two feet is mostly reserved for close friends and family. So get closer but remain at least a foot away from them. Then comes the final intimate circle that is less than a foot from them. This is usually reserved for intimate lovers. If you feel you have reached that level, by all means, get as close as you can get. Keep in mind that the movement of getting closer that is described here can happen over several meetings and not just the first one.

The important thing is to be mindful of other people’s boundaries and respect them. Don’t get too close too soon that the other person starts feeling uncomfortable. These distances also wary depending on if you are standing face-to-face or side-by-side. It will also make a difference if you are sitting in a bar or a pub.

Just get as close as you can and as rapidly as you can without making the other person uncomfortable. You can easily see the level of comfort or discomfort on the other person’s face and body language. Progress towards or away from the other person as the case may be. Always be respectful of the other person and never throw yourself on the other person if that is not what they want you to do. So just take things very slow and don’t intrude on another person’s space.

Some Of The Best Places For Flirting:

Following are some of the best or most appropriate places for flirting:
Informal get-togethers
Grocery stores
Friend’s friend
Passenger on next seat
Stranger on the street

Some Of The Worst Places For Flirting:

Following are some of the worst or most inappropriate places for flirting:
Church services
Business meetings
Staff meetings
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