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Friends And Acquaintances

Meaning And Definition Of Friends And Acquaintances

Friends can be almost any two people who are not part of the same family, having a platonic or spiritual relationship, being fond of each other and enjoying spending time in each other’s company, supporting and helping each other by always being on the same side, who is a well-wisher, with a lot of sympathy, empathy, trust, faith, and reliability, but without any type of hostilities or animosity.

Friends, especially of the opposite sex, are always vulnerable to having the potential of forming a love and romantic relationship at some point.

Acquaintance is an associate or contact, is just someone one happens or occurs to know personally or socially, via other friends or work or any other means, having knowledge or familiarity of, or is casually aware or conversant with, still not know adequately or sufficiently, is not yet officially or formally close, but still not a stranger or a complete outsider.

Acquaintance is just one step below a friend, still a very highly likely prospect with whom a love and romantic relationship can be formed.
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