Tips For Making Just Friends

10 Tips For Making Just Friends That Are Casual For A Possible Friendship Or Relationship

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for making just friends that are casual for a possible friendship or relationship:

# Overcome Fear:
Making friends with new people can be a horrifying thought, and it usually gets scarier because we indulge in over-analyzing when the truth is entirely different. Stop worrying about making a good impression or expecting the other person to like us or how to keep the conversation rolling, just because it gets scarier when we think more about it. Realize that your fear is only in your head without any real-life implication, and you may be surprised to know that the other person is probably just as scared as you are or maybe even more. Understand the fact that this initial apprehension can later develop into a rational fear, which may prohibit you from making just friends or even relationships in the future and it is best to get rid of it before it becomes a more significant issue later on.

# Be Available:
If you are serious about making new friends then you need to make yourself available because if you are saying no to almost everyone, you are going to push yourself in an empty corner. So when you keep turning invites down, you will soon build a reputation of being anti-social and soon no one will even ask you out. After all, friendships and relationships are all about being there when somebody calls upon you for simply being in your company. Accepting invites and being available will open many new doors for you because if you really want to make just friends, you have to step out of your usual comfort zone and get out as often as possible.

# Join Groups:
These days there are so many different kinds of online groups that one can get involved with to make new friends, and many are local groups that have local activities. It would not be too difficult to find a group of people that organizes various events around where you live, which can hook you up with many new people. Becoming part of a group with real activities is the easiest way to make friends, where you can have common interests and enjoy some great times together. Another advantage of making just friends via such a group is that you will automatically have something clearly in common with these new people, and you can quickly build great relationships with several people at once.

# Current Contacts:
A lot of people ignore the opportunity that resides in their existing network of friends and family to connect with new people, as each person that you know can potentially hook you up with a few more people in a seamless way. You can also reach out to your acquaintances, people that you happen to know but have never made the efforts to come close to them at a personal level. You can also reach out to reconnect with your old friends that you have somehow lost touch with, maybe due to the fact that they moved away or just got busy with something. Explore all the opportunities to connect and reconnect with your old contacts and people you happen to know, doing both of those things will expose you to many new just friends and relationships.

# Ask Questions:
The most unique way to cultivate new friendships is by asking questions when you meet new people, it will keep the conversation going without any long pauses. Asking stuff will not only allow you get to learn more about other people, but it will also indicate that you are interested in learning more about them and that itself will make them open up more to you. When you ask things about their life and interests, make sure to share something of the same value about your own life so that it becomes a two-way exchange of information. Once you make it more of an interactive type of conversation, it will automatically make your relationship stronger in the most natural way by making just friends and possibly more.

# Socialize More:
It goes without saying that if you want to make just friends, then you got to get out and socialize more with a new set of people. Organize activities and invite people to attend, rather than always expecting other people to call you over to do things. Once you start the ball of socializing rolling, you will begin meeting new people on a more regular basis. It is a proven fact that repeated exposure makes relationships stronger, meeting more often will make you stay on other people's minds longer because you are eventually going to go out of their minds if you are out of their sight for too long.

# Offer Support:
Friendship is like a union of support between two people, so be there for people as much as you can if you want to be just friends with them. Whenever you help other people, do it without any expectation of getting help when you may need it so that you can make it an act of kindness. Help people without any conditions or strings attached, do it because you want to and not because you feel obligated to do so. Helping people may be something as simple as lending them your ears without saying a single word when they have no one else to share their story with, listen to what people have to say by showing an interest and they will automatically begin to trust you and that will make your relationship much stronger.

# In Touch:
Staying in touch is a big part of keeping in touch with people, so always make an effort to remain in people's minds if you want to be just friends with them. Human beings tend to lose track very quickly, out of sight means out of mind for most people that you don't know very well. With digital technology and social media, there is no reason to make this gruesome mistake of losing touch with people. Willingness to make the extra effort is what separates great friends from just friends, and the strength of your relationships is measured by how often you take time out to check on people.

# Give Compliments:
Saying nice things about other people and giving them compliments is a great way to make just friends, a little praise can make someone's day. Just imagine what a few words can do to your relationship with someone, but only if you sound real with whatever you say. Say it as if you mean it, not with an agenda or to make the other person feel happy because such fake sentiments have a short life. Think about the positive traits of someone, and then articulate that quality in genuine words that sound believable.

# Friendly Face:
Keep in mind that the amount of time you smile while having a conversation with someone has a direct relationship with how friendly you appear to the other person, which means a smiley face can touch people's hearts in making just friends. You may be surprised to know, but people who find it hard to smile due to whatever reasons often have trouble forming profound relationships. Make eye contact when you talk to people so that it almost feels that your heart is poured into the conversation, and then smile in between depending on the context of the content of your discussion. Once you master this strategy, forming new relationships would be simpler than you may have ever thought.
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November 11 ,2022
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