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Harmony & Compatibility


Harmony And Compatibility

Meaning And Definition Of Compatibility And Communication

Harmony is the basic foundation for a lasting coherent romantic relationship, filled with lots of love and affection, where both partners are always in complete agreement with each other, supporting and standing by each other under all kinds of circumstances and working together as a team, leaving no space for any sorts of problems such as quarrels, anger, stress, or tension.

Harmony is complete when there are no clashes and there is an effortless support for each other and standing by each other.

Harmony is when there are no fights or arguments in a relationship and when both accept their flaws and do not point fingers at each other for their mistakes.

Harmony strengthens the bond in a relationship where it becomes so strong that the two people can’t live without each other.

Harmony in a relationship need to be cultivated by both parties as is a team effort.

Compatibility is the key to a successful and enduring romantic relationship, by naturally aligning lifestyle choices and configuration of values between two people, and is composed of many different factors and aspects such as similar interests, personal views, opinions, beliefs, theories, past histories, and cultural backgrounds, where different ideas, behaviors, practices, or habits can coexist almost seamlessly and flawlessly without any conflicts.

Compatibility between two people means they are able to exist together or live together successfully in a harmonious relationship without any problem, trouble, or conflict.

Compatibility between two people means capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination.

Compatibility is a feeling of sympathetic understanding, equality and respect for each other.

Compatibility basically means that two people have things in common, the more things they have in common the more compatible they are going to be.
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