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Advice On Remaining Friends After Break Up

Guidance On Remaining Friends With Ex After Breaking Up A Romantic Relationship

Remaining as friends with an ex or former spouse after a break up may be both good and bad. Good, if it’s done for all the right reasons. Bad, if it’s done for all the wrong reasons. It can be both, a picture perfect or a living nightmare. A picture perfect, if done the right way. A living nightmare, if done the wrong way.

What’s worse is that there are no clear cut answers. Things can go either way. Every relationship is unique and so is the friendship that comes after breaking up. There are situations where it’s fine to remain as friends, and there are situations when it’s not a good idea to remain as friends. Remaining as friends with an ex is an intricate predicament as things can go either way.

In some cases, life could be great. While in some other cases, it could be the biggest mistake. It is true that both of you know and understand each other quite well, at least better than others. It is also true that it may become difficult to emotionally detach yourself from each other, especially after being so close to each other.

What you would essentially be doing is transforming a romantic relationship into just platonic friendship. Hence, it is not as easy as it may appear. There are many things you should think about before offering your hand of friendship to your ex. Else, the same hand may slip and go somewhere else before you can even realize.
Date Posted/Updated On: 01/20/2019
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