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Break Up Stages

Break Up Stages Of A Relationship Right From Break Up To Break Through And Everything In Between

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From break-up to break-through, following are the stages that one goes through when their romantic relationship breaks up:

Shock. The primary stage of a break up is a state of shock. Higher the surprise factor, greater the shock. You may feel as if you are frozen. You may even become speechless for quite some time.

Denial. Next you will move into a feeling of denial. It will take some time for your brain to fully accept that it’s over. Your mind will intuitively think that all this is temporary and things will be back to normal soon. You refuse to accept the facts by staying delusional and behave as if nothing has even happened.

Vulnerability. All the happening will lead to vulnerability. You just went through a big loss and you are in desperate need of someone to comfort you. This makes you an open target for others new romantic interests. You may get involved with someone new only to quickly realize that it was a mistake.

Anger. Slowly anger will set in. You will feel frustrated about all the time and energy that went to waste. You may repent making some mistakes as well. The anger and frustration will be both towards yourself and the other person.

Hurt. There will be tremendous feelings of hurt. You had built your own small little world with someone. Now that life and those dreams have been shattered. You will feel hurt and being betrayed by someone you trusted.

Shame. There may be feelings of embarrassment. You may get upset with yourself and the other person. your self-worth and self-esteem will be at an all-time low. There may also be feelings of worthlessness with a total loss of confidence in yourself.

Acceptance. A time will come when you will fully accept it. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You will finally turn the page and start looking forward. Your mind and body will fully agree what all has happened and will grieve the loss.

Healing. Next the healing process will start. You will make small leaps and bounds to finally get over your ex. You will learn to live without them in your life. There will slow and steady movement from being hopeless to being hopeful of a bright future ahead.

Non-existence. This is the final stage in the break up cycle. This is a two-step process. First, finding compassion and kindness for your ex by forgiving them as it is very necessary not to hold any grudges against anyone. Second, remove all feelings of love or hate for the other person as both will make to keep clinging on to the other person.

The above are just a generalized lifecycle of breaking up a romantic relationship. There can be other stages. There can also be other feelings such as anxiety, nervousness, worry, stress, tension, and fear. There may also be a lot of tears and crying involved. There may even be signs of shaking, dizziness, and even a total nervous breakdown. The main reason is because all the great feeling of love and affection has now been transformed into a heartbreak.
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June 29 ,2019

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