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Heartbreaks & Breakups


Heartbreaks And Breakups

Meaning And Definition Of Heartbreaks And Breakups

Heartbreak is caused by a problem or breakup in a relationship, including rejection, where one or both partners goes through a lot of emotional turmoil, or part ways unwillingly, due to either circumstances or loss of interest, leading to very strong feelings of overwhelming grief, sorrow, and sadness, resulting in lots of heart ache and disappointment, as it leads to shattered dreams and broken promises.

Heartbreaks are closely linked with problems in a relationship where one or both partners are hurt due to some reasons, leading to a breakup or ongoing issues.

Breakup is when a romantic relationship or engagement or a marriage between two individuals concludes or ends, with or without mutual consent and agreement, either willingly or unwillingly, where there is no longer any involved or committed relationship, terminating all types of legal as well as moral obligations towards each other, ending everything in its entirety and totality, wholly and fully.

Breakup is to cease dating or going out with somebody.

Breakup is when two people have to let go of each other regardless of what they actually want.

Breakup in relationships are often referred to simply as a breakup.

Breakup is the termination of an intimate relationship by any means other than death.

Breakup is also sometimes referred to as the act is dumping someone when it is exclusively initiated and executed by one of the two partners.
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