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Heartbreaks And Breakups

Meaning And Definition Of Heartbreaks And Breakups

Heartbreaks And Breakups

Meaning And Definition Of Heartbreaks And Breakups

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Heartbreak is caused by a problem or breakup in a relationship, including rejection, where one or both partners goes through a lot of emotional turmoil, or part ways unwillingly, due to either circumstances or loss of interest, leading to very strong feelings of overwhelming grief, sorrow, and sadness, resulting in lots of heart ache and disappointment, as it leads to shattered dreams and broken promises.

Heartbreaks are closely linked with problems in a relationship where one or both partners are hurt due to some reasons, leading to a breakup or ongoing issues.

Breakup is when a romantic relationship or engagement or a marriage between two individuals concludes or ends, with or without mutual consent and agreement, either willingly or unwillingly, where there is no longer any involved or committed relationship, terminating all types of legal as well as moral obligations towards each other, ending everything in its entirety and totality, wholly and fully.

Breakup is to cease dating or going out with somebody.

Breakup is when two people have to let go of each other regardless of what they actually want.

Breakup in relationships are often referred to simply as a breakup.

Breakup is the termination of an intimate relationship by any means other than death.

Breakup is also sometimes referred to as the act is dumping someone when it is exclusively initiated and executed by one of the two partners.

Heart Breaks After Break Ups:

Heart Breaks After Break Ups Are Caused By Breaking Up Of A Long Time Romantic Relationship

Breaking up a romantic relationship can be a tough task. In fact, breaking up is more difficult than starting a new relationship. There is nothing like breaking up with kindness. Break ups, by their virtue, can be extremely painful depending on your level of involvement of both parties.

Often times, it is a lot more difficult for the person who wants the break up than for the person who is about to get dumped. Regardless of the intensity of the relationship, break ups should be handled gracefully and tastefully. There are really no set rules for how to break up because it is going to be messy no matter how you do it. Hearts will be broken and feelings will be shattered.

While every relationship may be different, break ups are more or less similar in nature. The only thing that one can do is to break up peacefully without breaking hearts. One must realize that when one door closes, two other opens up. There is always a good things hidden inside all bad things.

All you need to do is be optimistic and keep a positive attitude. Accept a break up as a part of destiny and as a part of life. There is someone much better waiting for you right around the corner. All you got to do is walk the walk and find that person.

Multiple Break Ups:

Multiple Heart Breaks Or Breaking Ups With The Same Person Can Make A Romantic Relationship Off And On Just Like A Ping Pong Game

Prior to breaking up a romantic relationship, it is important to think if that is what is truly desired by both parties. If things didn’t work the first time around, it is highly questionable that they will work the next time. If they may work the next time, then it is rather silly to break up in the first place. One should exhaust all avenues of mending things before breaking up.

That’s why, it is important to break up only for the right reasons. All things and all options must be carefully weighed and analyzed before breaking up. Many people break up for the wrong reasons and then when they realize that they were wrong, they again make up with the same person. In some very rare cases, this happens more than once or even twice.

Breaking up and then again making up with the same person should always be avoided. Before you make up with the same person, think why you broke up or else you may end up breaking up again. Think carefully about all options before taking any actions. Also remember that there may be other people who get affected by your actions.

Hence, always be careful and mindful of other people’s feelings. Life should not be treated like a ping-pong game. Take life seriously when it comes to forming or deforming romantic relationship as not doing so can have unsurmountable consequences. Think a thousand times before you get into a relationship and think a million times before ending it.

Taking A Break After Break Up:

Taking A Break After Heart Break Or Break Up Of A Romantic Relationship Is Always A Great Idea Before Moving On With Life

Romantic relationship are often very emotionally demanding. Breaking up the same can be even more emotionally taxing. Going through a break up can be an awfully overwhelming task for most people. It is best to give yourself a break from the love and romance scene after going through a massive break up.

It is important to realize the importance of first closing the current chapter in your life before beginning a new one. Else, you may end up taking pieces from your old relationship to the new one. This can create a lot of confusion not only for yourself but also for your new partner. Not to mention, you may end up in a bigger emotional mess than ever before.

Take some time off from the love and romance. This will give you time to put your thoughts together. You really need some alone time after ending a relationship. This time is crucial in getting yourself back to being normal. You may feel alone during this and may need a companion but you can always turn to friends and family for emotional support.

This time should be used to analyze and dissect your previous relationship. Think about what went wrong and what was your part in the things that lead to the break up. Make a list of those things and promise yourself not to repeat the same mistakes in your next relationship. You need to learn from your past in order to make your future better.

We all blame the other person after a break up. This is a very natural thought but is highly irrational. You can’t clap with just one hand. There are always mistakes made from both sides. Own your mistakes and learn from them. Stop blaming the other person for everything because the easiest escape is to blame someone else. That doesn’t mean that you start pitying yourself either. Just be fair in splitting the blame cards.

This is the time when you are most vulnerable. It will be very easy for others to take advantage of you and play with your emotions. When we are hurting, out heart gets dilated. It becomes easier for others to enter our heart. All this may lead to a rebound. Avoid making these mistakes and give yourself time before you get back in search of someone wonderful.

Using this time to do things that you have always want to do but could never do before. Open your bucket list and strike a few line items from it. You are a free bird and not answerable to anyone. Use your freedom to enjoy your single-hood. Also socialize and meet up with friends and family. Just celebrate your life even if you can’t see any reason to celebrate.

Hence, it is always advisable to take a break after a break up. Don’t rush things by exiting a relationship and entering a new one too soon. Keep a fair gap between the exit and the entry. Use this gap to be once again get ready to start a new meaningful relationship without any residual feelings. The old one ended because it was just not destined to last. Things were just not meant to be. The day you can get these thoughts and adopt this attitude, you will be ready to try your luck once again in love and romance.

Letting Go Of Love:

Letting Go Of Love Is Always Easier Said Than Done But Sometimes In Life There Are No Other Good Options

Love is definitely one of the most beautiful, wonderful, exciting, rewarding, and satisfying feeling. Romantic love is one of the most celebrated form of love. Letting go of this amazing thing can be extremely difficult. In fact it is more difficult than when you first didn’t have it all.

Just image when you were a child and you didn’t have any toys to play with. Then suddenly someone gifted you a toy that you loved to death. Then someone comes and snatches it away from you or it breaks into pieces. You would feel devastated. You were happier without that toy than losing it after possessing it. Likewise, letting go of love is very painful.

You have to let go of someone you once cared for or maybe you still do. Love is a high, letting go of that love is a low. There can be plethora of reasons why you have to let go of your life and that would be a different subject altogether. You have got to accept the departure as much as you accepted the arrival of that love in your life. It is natural to grieve for what you lost. But you must accept the loss and move on for a better tomorrow.

Love always heals itself. It would require one big jolt but you will soon be over with it. So be brave and let go of your love that is what needs to be done, if that will what make things better. One of the hardest thing in life is letting go off someone you love deeply. We hold on to people we love tightly fearing that without them we will be nothing. We cannot get to our destination until we lose the sight of the shore.

After being in a relationship for so long, one cannot let go off the one they love as the fear of losing them becomes more than the suffering one is going through. But once decided letting go off your love would be the wisest decision ever made. It would be better to let go off love than live in a toxic relationship. Real love is very pure, when two bodies are apart but the souls are connected. But if you find such connection only at the giving end and not at the receiving end then it becomes necessary to let go off that love.

There comes a time when we have to take some harsh decisions. Holding on will not only make you suffer but by holding you are not inviting the good things which are waiting for you in the universe. The universe is always ready to give. Try to divert your mind by going out with friends, listening to music, taking a walk alone, taking up a hobby, etc. All these activities can help you let go off love in a much easier way than it actually is.

Letting go off is like setting someone free and yourself free too, hoping that it will return in one form or the other. If your love is true, it will surely come back. If it doesn't, you can be sure that you should have never held it in your heart for so long. Letting go off is easier than holding someone who doesn't understand your feelings.

To let go off does not mean to stop loving. It simply means to set your heart free from all the pains that you were receiving while loving them. It is like giving space to another person. Letting go does not mean you are weak, sometimes it just means you are strong enough to let go.
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June 29 ,2019

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