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In Denial Of Break Up

All About Being In Denial Of A Break Up Of A Romantic Relationship

A romantic relationship is an out of the world experience. When that same awesome experience ends, it leads to big emotional turmoil. Most people go through the same process of grief that they go through when they have a loss in other forms such as a death of a loved one. The only difference here is that it is a death of a relationship than an actual person. This is where being in denial of a break up of a romantic relationship comes in.

The first stage of any sort of grief is being in denial. In fact, being in denial usually exist in some amount during the entire grieving process. Though, throughout the healing process, the feelings of being in denial keeps on reducing. Overcoming the denial feeling is the first major step towards recovering from the grief that the break up caused.

The basic definition of being in denial of a break up is that your brain refuses to accept the reality. It is unable to admit or recognize that whatever is happening is actually happening. It takes some time for the brain to get in tune with the actual events. All this is perfectly normal and almost everyone goes through this to some degree.

Being in denial of a break up is just like a jetlag. When you travel across the world in a very short time, it takes some time for your brain to get accustomed to the new time zone. It usually follows the same pattern as where you were earlier. Then slowly it begins to follow and adopt the new time zone. Some people are able to make these transitions faster than others. Likewise, our brain needs a little time to accept the sudden changes and get used to the new environment.

The primary hurdle of being in denial of a break up is acknowledging that there is a problem. It’s hard for most people who are in a relationship to accept that there are unresolved issues. This unacceptance of problems lead to fear and anxiety. No one can fix a problem unless they admit that there is a problem.

Some people can see that there is a problem in the relationship but refuses to admit that it’s anything to worry about. They think it’s just a passing issue that will soon go away by itself. This is the biggest mistake couples make. If you don’t catch and eradicate a problem, it will soon become a mammoth that will tear things apart. These problems are like termites that slowly erodes a relationship.

The biggest monster in the closet is accepting that the relationship because of the struggles has finally ended. Even though there may be clearly spoken words but still you feel that it is just another problem and things will soon get back to normal. You somehow believe that it is a temporary parting and you will soon reunite and everything will be hunky-dory. You keep carrying such feeling of denial until it becomes necessary to accept the break up.

One important factor that plays in being in denial is the level of emotional connection in your relationship. How close you two were and how good things once were. The stronger those feelings, the more difficult it will be to get over the feelings of denial of a break up. It is human nature, when we have something truly beautiful we somehow feel that it will last forever. This may be a good defense mechanism, but please pinch yourself and get out of the denial mode.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/26/2019
Author: ispace1

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