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Making Up After Breaking Up

Making Things Up After A Heart Break Or Breaking Up A Romantic Relationship With A Former Spouse Or Ex Can Be A Step In The Right Direction

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Everyone knows the pain of breaking up a wonderful romantic relationship with someone. The pain becomes many folds worse if there are still residual feelings for that person. It can never be easy to let go of someone you still care about. Fortunately, there are still hopes. There are methods one can apply to try to salvage a broken relationship.

Following are some ways to win over your former spouse or ex after a break up:

It’s a no brainer that the foremost thing to do is to genuinely apologize for everything that went wrong. Leave your ego aside and show that you are truly sorry. This one simple word is very powerful and it becomes even more powerful when there is authenticity in it. Stay away from the blame game by suggesting who did what and accept responsibility for wrongdoings by showing your unpretentious repentance.

Realize the importance of compromise in a relationship. In fact, not being able to compromise is why your relationship fell apart in the first place. It’s now time to talk about how to amend things. No one is perfect and both partners need to accept each other’s shortcomings along with their good qualities because even roses comes with thorns.

Take a step back and examine what went wrong and why. It may be a good idea to become the devil’s advocate and scrutinize what you did wrong and how you can rectify those mistakes. This is very important so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes all over again and it will be deja vu all over again. You need to learn from past mistakes and become a wiser person so that you can do things differently from the first time around.

Have an honest and heartfelt conversation. Many relationships don’t work just because of lack of proper communication which leads to misunderstandings. It’s time to open your heart and pour out everything that’s hidden inside it. Not only will you feel lighter but it can work as an ointment to fix what’s broken.

Another important thing to do is rebuild and get back the lost trust in each other. The main fabric of relationship is trust and it’s very important to bring it back. Think of ways how you gain your ex’s confidence in you. Do whatever it takes to get back in their good books.

Look for an outside mediator who can act as an arbitrator. It can be a close friend or a family and even a counsellor. This person should be unbiased and impartial towards both parties. Use this person to close the gap that has been created as sometimes getting an outside perspective makes a huge difference.

It becomes extremely important to make changes in yourself. The person that you were was not able to keep things going and now you need to reinvent yourself so that you can bring positive changes in your personality. You also need to change your attitude and become a new person who is more love and romance friendly. Get emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy so that you can bring positivity in your relationship.

Have ample patience but remain persistent with all your efforts. Give it enough time to heal a broken heart. Rushing things is never a good idea, instead take things slowly. Give each other time to think things through so that you both can make a prudent decision and not repeat the same mistakes again.

If you apply the above suggestions, nothing in the world can stop you from making things up after breaking up with your sweetheart. In case none of these works, you are probably knowing at the wrong door and you just need to move on with your life.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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