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Multiple Break Ups

Breaking Up Multiple Times With The Same Person

Prior to breaking up a romantic relationship, it is important to think if that is what is truly desired by both parties. If things didn’t work the first time around, it is highly questionable that they will work the next time. If they may work the next time, then it is rather silly to break up in the first place. One should exhaust all avenues of mending things before breaking up.

That’s why, it is important to break up only for the right reasons. All things and all options must be carefully weighed and analyzed before breaking up. Many people break up for the wrong reasons and then when they realize that they were wrong, they again make up with the same person. In some very rare cases, this happens more than once or even twice.

Breaking up and then again making up with the same person should always be avoided. Before you make up with the same person, think why you broke up or else you may end up breaking up again. Think carefully about all options before taking any actions. Also remember that there may be other people who get affected by your actions.

Hence, always be careful and mindful of other people’s feelings. Life should not be treated like a ping-pong game. Take life seriously when it comes to forming or deforming romantic relationship as not doing so can have unsurmountable consequences. Think a thousand times before you get into a relationship and think a million times before ending it.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/20/2019
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