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Reasons For Being In Denial Of Break Up

Main Reasons For Being In Denial Of A Break Up Of A Romantic Relationship

Most people stay in the world of denial after they break up a romantic relationship. How long they stay in the denial zone varies. The better the things once were, the longer the denial period. The more attached the two people were, long the denial period. In other words, when we have something we try desire for, we somehow begin to believe that nothing can take it away from us.

The most important thing to note is that being in denial of a break up is a perfectly normal thing. Almost everyone goes through this phase. Although some people are stronger than others to fight themselves out of it faster than others. There are logical reasons of why people stay in denial.

People tend to go in denial more when things happen all of a sudden where it becomes difficult for your mind to be at the same pace as the happenings around you. It becomes a lot easier when things break up slowly and in which case your mind is easily able to travel with the actual events that are happening in your life. In either case, there is always some catching up needed to bring your state of mind in sync with reality. The larger the gap, the longer you are likely to stay in denial.

Staying in the denial period is nothing but being in a delusionary state of mind. This in fact is the first stage of grieving process after a break up. Almost everyone goes through it after a break up. It is in fact an important and helpful stage in getting over a relationship.

The most important benefit of staying in denial in the initial stage of a break up is that it helps us get through the worst stage of pain with ease. Staying in denial and slowly coming out of it by slowly accepting things gives us small doses of a bitter medicine. Things may become a lot more difficult if we have to face everything at once. Just imagine having full bottle of an awfully bitter medicine all at once. As we move away from being in denial, we move closer to accepting the break up.

When we stay in denial, we have feelings of hopes and not hopelessness. We always need to feel hopeful, not hopeless. When our entire world shatters all of a sudden, we need a glimmer of hope. That beacon of hope helps us in getting through a tough phase. It is different thing whether that hope will make everything alright, but never-the-less, having hope is always a positive sign.

Another great benefit of being in denial of a break up is that it keeps us alive. Even though everything we have always desired for has come to end, we still believe everything will be again be fine. Whether things will be again fine or not is not relevant. What matters most at that time is at least be able to function and fulfil our duties.

Remember that staying in denial is always better than getting into depression. It is often easier to get out of a denial phase than it is to get out of depression. So as you can see, being in denial of a break up has a positive side to it as well. In fact, things would be a lot worse without the denial stage. All you got to do is get your act together as soon as you can move on with your life after a break up.
Date Posted/Updated On: 04/20/2019
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