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Recovering From Heart Break Or Break Up

Recovering Or Recuperating After A Heart Break Or Break Up To Speed Up The Healing Process By Restoring Yourself To Normalcy From A Distressful State

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A break up from a relationship is going to lead to a heart-break regardless of the closeness or the length of the relationship. It also doesn’t matter how it broke up or who dumped who. When we lose someone whom we were once attached to, some pain is inevitable. Research shows that pain from a heart-break feels similar to other forms of physical pains. When we suffer from pain from a physical wound, we apply medicine and then it takes its own time to heal. If we ignore the pain, it may heal by itself but it will take a very long time and will also cause a lot of pain during that time. Likewise, when we suffer from emotional pain due to a break-up, it is equally important to heal our heart. Recovering from breakup means restoring yourself to normalcy from a distressful state. Recovering or surviving a break-up means to recuperate from the setback or trauma of a break-up.

Following are some suggestions to recover from a break-up and speed-up the healing process.

The first step in the break-up process is to accept it and not keep clinging on to it. As good as things may once be, accept with all your heart that it’s over and there should be no looking back. All good things come to an end one day. Make peace with your mind. Acceptance is the beginning on bidding farewell to something beautiful. Think of the good things why it broke up in the first place.

Next, take time to mourn and grieve. It will take time to get over it as there is no on and off switch that can change your feelings overnight. You can try ignoring it but it will keep coming back with a vengeance. It’s best to face it. Cry your heart out and like a river if you need to. Different people cope with different things in different ways. Lock yourself in a room if that’s what you need to do. Take as much time as you need to heal as long as you see improvements.

Next, stop repenting and feel sad about all the wrong choice you made. Think of it as an experience that you learned from. When we don’t get what we want, we get experience. Don’t be angry at yourself or your ex. If you are not able to control your anger or resentment, vent it out on someone close. They will understand what you are going through. Get a punching bag. Scream, if you have to. Do whatever it takes to calm your anger because anger will only make things worse for you.

Next, think about all the positive things of staying in that relationship. Also think about all the positive things about getting out of that relationship. Make a list and write them down, side-by-side. Do a cost and benefit analysis. Look at all the bad qualities that you were putting up with. Their bad habit or things that annoyed you about them. The goal should be to make them less appealing. When one door closes, two more opens up. There may be someone better waiting for you just around the corner. All you have to do is wait and feel optimistic.

Next, talk to a close friend or family member as they can be your biggest support system during this difficult time. Avoid going to counsellors unless that is the only option left. Usually, a person close to you can understand you better than a counsellor who is a stranger to you. You will need your loved ones the most, so don’t cut off from them. Use them to get through your pain and they will be happy to oblige. Also, surround yourself with happy people who can crack jokes to make your laugh again.

Lastly, forgive and let it go. You can never completely get out of it if you hold any sort of feelings for your ex. The best way is to forgive them and wish them good luck in whatever they want. Even hate is a feeling. You should not have any feelings for them, good or bad, positive or negative. Liberate yourself from them. Everything may seems to have fallen apart during that time, but have faith. The sun will rise again. You will again feel happy and then it will be nothing more than a page that will go in your memoir. When you look back and go down the memory lane, you will feel what a fool you have been to have wasted your precious tears on someone who doesn’t even deserve a wonderful person like you. Recovering from a break up may seem hard at first but it really isn’t the case. All you got to do is apply the advice give above and you will come out of your break up with flying colors. Of course, time is the biggest healer and it heals all types and sizes of wounds.
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June 29 ,2019

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