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When To Remain As Friends After Break Up

Situations When To Remain As Friends With Ex After Breaking Up A Romantic relationship

Following are some of the situations when it is alright to remain as friends with an ex or a former spouse after breaking up a romantic relationship:

You both still need each other for emotional support to get through the hustle and bustle of life. You both feel better having each other’s back whenever needed.

You both were almost like twin siblings when you were in a relationship. You both were not together because of sex but because you got along well together.

You both broke up with mutual consent. You both were not happy together as a couple and mutually decided to call things off as that was the right thing to do.

You both were together for a long period where sex became more of a chore than pleasure. You both were least interested in sex or anything remotely romantic.

You both have a lot of common friends. You both see each other in parties and other get-togethers and it is almost impossible to be completely off each other’s back.

You both bump into each other. You both live in the same neighborhood or go to the same college or work in the same office or visit the same places and it is nearly impossible to avoid each other.

You both shared another relationship. You both were teach and student or boss and secretary and it becomes professionally demanding to be cordial with each other.

You both are still single and enjoy sex with no emotional attachment. You both have immense passion in bed and are able to have great sex with no strings attached.

If any of the above reasons is applicable to you, it may indeed be alright to remain as friends with an ex or a former spouse after breaking up a romantic relationship.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/18/2019
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