Affair Vs Relationship

Main Points Of Differences And Distinctions Between Affair And Relationship

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Affair and relationship are part and parcel of the same emotion and they are almost inseparable, yet they are two different emotions and sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between them.

Following are some of the main points of differences and distinctions between affair and relationship:

Affair is like a temporary thing that usually lasts for a very short time; whereas, a relationship is a permanent thing as it is more stable in nature and it is intended to go for a very long time and even forever.

Affair is highly unstable and may not have any meaning behind it; whereas, a relationship involves a very high level of feelings.

Affair is usually fun romantic thing for a short period of time; whereas, a relationship is intended to be everlasting.

Affair is when two parties are lured towards each other knowing that it would not result in any kind of long commitment; whereas, a relationship is supposed to involve long term commitment.

Affair also may bring the very intense level of feelings but they last only for a short period of time; whereas, a relationship is a more stable feeling as it is created to go on forever.

Affair usually may become painful when it breaks depending on the level of love the two people shared between each other; whereas, a relationship always becomes very painful whenever it comes to an end.

Affair may one day lead to a full fledge relationship; whereas, a relationship can never turn into an affair no matter what happens.
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November 15 ,2020
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