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Half Night Stand

Half Night Stand Is A Brand New Thing Which Is A New Concept But It Is Becoming More Popular As It Lasts For Only Few Hours Of The Night

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Also known as HNS.

Half night stand is a new and rather emerging trend after the one night stand.

Half night stand is a type of one night stand in which the sexual encounter lasts only for half of the night.

The biggest advantage of half-night stand is that it eliminates awkward departure conversations the next morning.

The early morning meetings can be rather weird.

It’s pretty easy to leave before morning without much of a conversation.

It is also easier to sneak back into your room and not give explanations to the roommates.

The other reason to leave before the morning is because the experience has not been a very satisfying one.

These days, many one nighters are heading home before sunrise.

Many women prefer to get their sleep in their own bed.

The downside of leaving in the middle of the night is the security as it is not safe to travel back alone for the women.

Both men and women going on a half night stand expect hot sex and nothing short of that and when they don’t get that, they prefer to leave early instead of wasting their entire night.

Half night stand is a trend that is not going anywhere as more and more people are getting picky what exactly they and going after just that.

The next thing we hear about in the world of hookups would be an one hour stand, but until that happens, let’s make the best of what we have for now.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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