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Hookup Culture And Beyond

Hookup Culture And Beyond Has Made Its Permanent Footprints In Our Society As It Is Not A Fad That Will Fade Off With Time

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There is no doubt that the hookup culture has made its permanent footprints in our society. There is no going back either. It is not a fad that will fade off with time. In fact, it is here to stay for generations to come. It is even likely that it will grow even more with time.

Overall, our society is becoming more and more open. There is an overall shift from being a conservative to being a liberal. So, instead of pushing off this phenomenon, we need to first accept it and acknowledge it. Ignoring it or not accepting it is not the solution. What we need to do is look beyond the hookup culture.

This can be easier said than done, especially for the older generations to fully accept the hookup culture. But the younger generation must be aware of all the pros and cons. They need to know how things related to romantic relationships used to be and how they stand today. They have in fact never been even exposed to traditional forms of relationships.

The easiest way to do so is by looking at their parents and the relationship that they share with each other. Then they need to compare that with the relationships that they have with their hookup partners. The contrast or the difference would be quite apparent. At that point they need to make a decision, if they want to build a meaningful relationship just like their parents did or they would be happier with a more superficial one that comes with the hookup culture.

Things have definitely progressed in the way young people look at romantic relationships. How they form it and how they deal with it. What has not changed is the basic configuration of human emotions and feelings. People may have become more cold, but they still feel the pain that comes with a heartbreak. They still get attached with the people with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship with, regardless of the length and intensity of those relationships that fall within the hookup culture.

This is has led to an unfelt and often ignored pain. When two people hookup for a night or for a couple of times and then separate, there is definitely some level of attachment or bonding that is formed. It’s a different thing that they often ignore those negative feelings. This can have an accumulative effect. Multiple hookups can lead to an accumulation of those little pains that comes with each interaction. This one day may result in chronic depression which is more common in women than in men. All this in the name of the hookup culture.

In other words, the hookup culture may look very attractive from the outside. But, it is not that glamorous from the inside. The youth must see goth sides of the coin. They should not blindly follow the hookup culture just because everyone else around them is doing so.

That said, the this phenomenon is not going anywhere. All we need to do is look beyond it and see what we actually want from it. It would be fair to say that how we view romantic relationships has evolved. There is no right or wrong with the hookup culture. It just depends on what works for whom. The truth is that everyone who is or who will be part of the hookup culture with surely get tired of it and retire from it to form a more meaningful and lasting romantic relationship at the right time.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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