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Hookup Culture And Convenience

Hookup Culture And Convenience Has Gain So Much Traction Because Of The Convenience That Comes With It Over Other Forms Of Traditional Romantic Relationships

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The main reason why the hookup culture has gain so much traction is because of the convenience that comes with it. Overall, the hookup culture is more in tune with today’s stressful life. It offers a huge convenience in comparison to dating and other forms of traditional romantic relationships. So in that sense, it is highly attractive because there are no pre or post consequences.

The two people can just hook up for a short time, get what they want and say goodbye. That’s it, there are no obligations or expectations. It’s almost like going to the movies and getting entertained for a couple of hours and then going back home. There are no further duties or responsibilities.

The convenience that the hook up culture brings can be compared with the automobile industry. People tend to rent a car when they need it instead of buying one. Renting is more convenient even if ends up being more expensive in the long-haul. In fact, most people would opt to rent if they can afford it because it is worry-free with absolutely no responsibility of maintaining it. After all, getting a pint of milk from the supermarket is always more convenient than owning a cow in your backyard.

This can be a great thing for people who don’t want to get tied up with anyone. The downside is that there is no place or role for any real emotions or feelings. There is also no element of attachment or love and affection. It depends on what rocks your boat, instant gratification with no long-term benefit or no instant gratification with a possibility of building a beautiful and lasting relationship.

There is always a trade-off in life no matter what we do. What’s important is to decide what truly makes us happy and satisfied. Most people opt for the convenience that comes with the hookup culture until they get tired of it and want to settle down with something or someone more permanent in life. Sometimes, that time never comes, and sometimes, it’s too late too little when it does come.

This is why it is so important to know the short term and long term consequences of the hookup culture. One should always be aware of the positives and negatives so that they can make a well-informed decision. The sad thing is that very few people even think about these things. They just get sucked in the hookup culture before they realize what it actually is and what it can do to their lives.

Most people, especially the young people are out there just for having fun. They are not even interested in being tied with any one person. They don’t have the time or the energy that a real relationship demands. All they want is to have some fun and that’s the end of it. They keep repeating the same cycle and slowly it becomes a part of their life.

Of course, the hookup culture has an immense short-term convenience value. This is why more and more people are hooking up instead of forming meaningful relationships. The only approach is to see what is actually convenient because what appears from the outside is not always the truth. That said, the hook up culture is not going anywhere. There is almost nothing that can undo this phenomenon from spreading. All you can do is just be wiser and hook up without getting sucked up.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 09/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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