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Hookup Culture And Media

Hookup Culture And Media Representation And Misrepresentation Has A Huge Part In Influencing Sexual Activities And Behavior Of Youth

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Media representation and misrepresentation has a huge part in influencing the hookup culture or the sexual activities and behavior of youth. This opinion is widely buoyed by various research. People in general are more likely to mirror what they see in television and movies. The media acts like a guru for the youth who then try to form a sexual personality that is close proximity with on screen characters.

Young people who are more exposed to sexual content in movies are more likely to become sexually active much earlier in their age. They also tend to get involved in more open sexual activities. Researches blame the media for this transformation. Even conformists who are against the hookup culture agree with this school of thought.

The cost of computers, tablets, and smartphones has dropped considerably. Access to the internet has also become far more affordable. This has resulted in almost every youth with ready access to internet at the palm of their hands. This means pornography is just at their fingertips. Porn and hookup culture are very closely related.

Some researchers argue that online pornography is one the most important factors in influencing sexual behavior within young people. In fact, the spike in easy access to pornography has even further penetrated the hookup culture. It contradicts the very idea of what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to having sex. It has totally redefined the do’s and don’ts of sex.

Pornography has changed men’s behavior towards the hookup culture. They grow up learning about sex from pornography. In fact, porn has somewhat replaced sex education for men. They desire to replicate the same culture as portrayed in such movies and videos. They then try to attain the same level or quality of sex with their partners.

Pornography has also changed women’s attitude towards the hookup culture. Though, their part is a little different as they try to raise their standards in what is expected from them in bed. That has led to a significant change in how the young people approach sex. Even the definition of traditional sex has undergone a change. So pornography is a strong force that has reshaped the sexual attitudes of today’s youth.

Social media has added fuel to the fire that has already been ignited by more traditional outlets of media. It is now much easier for hookup culture to further grow with the presence of social media. In fact, there are many apps that exclusively cater towards the hookup culture. Not to mention, the emergence of sexting that has become a common practice in young people. One can easily correspond and maneuver among multiple partner like never before.

In short, the media has spread the hookup culture many folds more. It has made it far more easier for people to engage in sexual activities with multiple partner at ease. The media has also played a major role in how the young people approach sex and romantic relationships. It has led to a whole new generation of young people who are very susceptible to getting sucked into the hookup culture effortlessly and naturally.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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