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Hookup Culture And Relationships

Everything About Hookup Culture And Relationships

The hookup culture is changing the fundamental of forming actual romantic relationships. Young people usually have little or no experience with dating or developing romantic relationships. More and more young people are moving away from dating or long term relationships. This leaves hooking up as the only option. For these people, the hookup culture has almost taken over dating and other traditional forms of romantic relationships. In absence of dating, hooking up is the only viable option left for many people.

Although sexual promiscuity is an age old phenomenon but it always used to exist in parallel to more traditional forms of relationships. So hookup always existed but it was more like a subsidiary or an add-on to an actual relationship. What is changing now is that hookup is completely replacing other forms of relationships. Hookup is now the alpha and omega of youth romance.

One can call the hookup couture as a personified version of dating or other forms of traditional romantic relationships. The youth has not fully given up of dating. However, hooking up seems to be a more viable option, given the busy personal and professional lives. Hookup comes with no responsibilities and is hence more liberating in nature.

Still, the hookup culture has deeply infected today’s youth. Hookup has almost replaced dating and very few young people are even aware of the general rules and etiquettes of dating or asking someone out. They have more hookups than first dates. In fact, dating has become so rare with young people that they don’t even have the skills to date someone.

Some of the young people get involved in the hookup culture in order to develop a romantic relationship. About half of men and women even discuss the possibility of forming a romantic relationship with their hookup partner. But, only half of hookups repeat the same partner. And, only a very small fraction of hookups turn into a relationship.

More than half of the real relationships formed in young people comes out of hookups. In fact, hookup is the way to possibly get into a relationship. It used to be dating that lead to romantic relationships. But now it’s hookups that may lead to forming an actual relationship. So in that way, the hookup culture has silently taken over the dating scene.

A long term hookup relationship has the best possibility of turning into an actual romantic relationship. But relationships that first starts as hookups report lower level of overall satisfaction. The main reason being that the young people gets somewhat fixated with the hookup culture. However, as the young people begin to age, their desire to hookup slowly transitions into a want or rather a need to settle down with one of the more traditional forms of monogamous romantic relationships.

The hookup culture impedes the very meaning and purpose of actual relationships. The strange fact is that almost every young people still desires for a long-term traditional relationship as their end goal. This means there is still hope. Both men and women still prefer a steady relationship over casual sex. They also prefer dating over hookups.
Date Posted/Updated On: 03/20/2019
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